The Observers introduction.

The Observers introduction.
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The Observers introduction.

The Observers introduction.

I have walked this earth longer than I should care to admit. I was there when the titan was punished for the gift he bestowed on humanity, have seen empires rise and fall, dynasties come and go.

I have witnessed mankind's brightest achievements as well as it's darkest hours. Some things never changed. Inventions came at the hands of those curious and open minded.

War at the hands of those overly ambitious and unempathetic. War has always brought out the worst in man. Started by those lusting for power it was never them who payed the highest price.

Common people did. They were turned into soldiers. Some were killed some were morphed beyond recognition not physically but mentally, turned into bloodthirsting monsters.

War never became easier to watch and its aftermath only worsened as time went on. The things left behind in its wake truly showed the depravity humans are capable of.

War is where mankind lost its innocence.

My curse is that I was never able to do anything about it. I couldn't change history and I can't influence the future.

I am doomed to watch you try and try again to make this world a better place only to see you fail again and again.

And yet even though you have all of history to draw upon some of you still remain a beacon of hope. A glimmer of a brighter future that could be always survives. And that is something I admire.


And so, I will continue observing continuously in awe.

If you in return would like to be regaled by a tale of mine, please don't hesitate to ask, it would be my pleasure to share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

Rest assured that I will answer your questions in due time.

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