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Albert's unfortunate luck brings him way back in the past. a past he never wanted to remember.


It was 6:25 pm and It had already started raining outside, and it was getting really windy. A huge, inky blue cloud has formed in the sky making it look really depressing outside.

Man, this calls for some hot tea again. Maybe hot chocolate this time? You could hear the blows of the wind from outside and it sounded as if it was about to destroy everything in its way.

Was it that bad? Albert went to take a look-see through the living room's window. Yeah, it looked bad. There is no way he can go out now.

Must the weather go bad at this time of the day? Like just when you thought things can't get any worse. Albert felt a small ache in his stomach at the sight of this whole depressing view.

"I need to call Alex!" said Albert to himself with anger and frustration radiating from him. He stumbled to the phone to call his friend, and this time he doesn't care what happens.

He needed someone with him in this empty house for crying out loud! Even a cat would be nice to have around. A cat, huh? That'd be nice. He always liked the touch of furry, fluffy animals.

It made him relax and ease all the tension he'd have. He picked up the phone and started to dial his friend's number.

Really? What if it all goes nuts again? He put the phone back in hesitation and balled up on the couch.

"Heh, so much for balls, Albert," he said to himself with a low pitched voice, mixed with disgust. Maybe he needs a cup of tea again to ease the tension that is rising up in him.

NO! Albert suddenly stood up and shook his head off. He was being far too scared just because of some stupid noise, that probably came from outside.

He bet it's some kids playing around his house's area so that's no big deal. He picked up the phone again and called his friend.

Alex lives close by so he doesn't have to wait a lot until he gets here. He would've called Nicole but he knows she's very far away.

It would take her at least a half an hour to get here, if not more. Albert called Alex and he's waiting anxiously for someone to pick up the phone.

It felt like the whole universe is dead for some reason. Guess the bad weather gives off such vibes.

"come on, pick up, pick up...," he quietly said to himself as his right foot started to tap on the cold wooden floor.

He kept waiting and waiting, and just when he was about to hang up because he thought nobody was home, Alex picked up.


"Oh, thank God You answered dude!" Albert said while releasing a sigh of relief and a small smile was drawn on his face.

"Albert? You ok man?" asked Alex with a worried tone in his voice.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine.

Hey, do you think you can come over to my house?

I'm all alone and incredibly bored!" Albert falsely explained, afraid that if he says the real reason why he wants someone around, Alex wouldn't even think of coming over.

He doesn't like being involved in these kinds of mashups.

"can't you come to my house instead? Your house creeps me out sometimes," Alex said with a slight annoyance at the mention of Albert's house.

"I would, but my parents are out on some business trip. I can't really leave the house unattended. Can you please come? We can play cards!" said Albert in a desperate tone.

"Well, lucky for you, my parents are just about to head out to see grandma. I can tell them to drop me off at your place," said Alex, making it sound like this was destined to be.

"THAT'S GREAT! Bring your monopoly with you!" said Albert with excitement.

"Alright, I'll be there in twenty minutes!" Alex replied, slightly confused at the sudden eruption of Albert's voice going high pitched.

"perfect!" Albert replied and they both hung up. Now he waits. Waiting? That's kind of unpleasant to think about. It's getting really dark and chilly in here.

Maybe he should grab some blankets from his room. Woah Woah! That room? He'd go anywhere anytime but never near that creepy room! Maybe he should tell his parents about it? Nah.

They'll probably think he's going nuts. The last thing he wants is to have his parents being dragged into this mess. He knows what's at stake. 'shivers' It's getting colder.

Bringing some warm clothing and blankets and making some hot tea is a perfect idea for such evening. Plus Alex is coming so he has to make some nice-not-so depressed atmosphere in his house.

Alex would flee in an instant if he sees the stairs. His parents like dim lights. That easily makes their house one of creepiest houses in the neighborhood.

He really needs to tell his parents to change a few things here and there. Albert went off to the kitchen to heat up some water. He needs a kettle.

Where was it again? He kept searching for it in the counters. He always forgets where he puts it. Man, this rain really is hitting hard outside. It may go on like this until morning.

It's becoming much more violent.

'low rumbled thunder sound' "great...just great. It really does get worse" said Albert in a low tone as he spoke to himself.

"GOTCHA!" he said in a fast-paced phrasing. he finally found the kettle. It was on the far left side of the counters.

Who would put it there? He put some water in it and lit the stove to get some hot water business to happen. He prepared the cup and added some sugar and put the tea bag in the end.

'shivering' he rubbed both of his arms with each other in order to heat up some parts of his slowly, freezing body. while the water heats up maybe he should go get some blankets.

Definitely not sleeping upstairs today! No thank you!

"Ok, I gotta do this one way or another," he said to himself as he got out of the kitchen and took a right, making him face the stairs. It's only a few steps up.

If he has to come down quick he can just jump off the stairs. Nothing serious would happen to him. He does that most of the time when he's alone. He's taking this way out of proportions.

He made his way upstairs, "stupid room" he mumbled to himself in a lowered tone as he got to the first floor.

It was a long hallway and at the far end of the hallway facing Albert, was a coffee table that had a lamp, which was laid next to a window to the dreaded rainy day.

His room was the one on the right and his parents were on the left. Each door facing the other. Should he get into that room of his? Nah. Perish that thought.

He continued on to his parent's room, hoping to find some blankets and a nice sweater.

His mom keeps some of his clothes in a huge bag in their room, basically because he usually keeps his clothes lying around all messy and untidy. he doesn't clean much.

He tends to be sloppy in many things in his life. He entered the room and opened the wardrobe.

" it!" he mumbled to himself as annoyance crept into him. He can't find any blankets nor sweaters.

"where does she keep them?" he searched under his parent's bed, over the wardrobe, and inside their closet. He basically searched the whole room.

He couldn't find what he was looking for, Although he did find some old toys he had kept when he was a kid. That brought back some unwanted memories of his.

As he was about to leave the room, he stood face to face with his room and there he saw it slightly opened. What? He made sure it was closed.

He slowly walked out of his parent's room and took a right to go downstairs. He was facing the room, making his way backward.

his back facing the stairs but slowly so he can see if anything weird happens. He was ever so curious, it would be very surprised how he never get's in trouble.

The door started to open up a little more. He stood still. The staircase is right here. He can simply go down and forget about this damned room until Alex comes. But for some reason, he froze.

The door is opening a little more. He leaned to his side to get a look at what's happening over in his room, his face was emotionless..'KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK'

Albert gasped in surprise out of sheer fear and jumped up at the sudden sound. he put his hands on his heart because it started going fast like a racehorse, "oh my god...

" he said to himself in frustration and relief. He remembered Alex is coming. He made his way downstairs and went to open the door for his friend.

"Hey, dude, what's up? I brought monopoly! Woah! You look like you've seen a ghost, HA!" said Alex, making fun of Albert's frightened expression.

He simply allowed himself in, since Albert's parents were out. He can be himself around his friend but never around the parents.

"hey..." Albert said, closing the door after his friend got inside.

Alex went to the living room and took the liberty to sit on the couch, with his feet crossed on top of the coffee table that is put in front of the couch.

Albert came up to his friend slowly with his face looking incredibly pale. He really did look as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Hello?? Earth to Albert? Hey, man are you ok? You're kinda creeping me out!" said Alex, his tone sounded a little worried mixed with fright.

"I think it's happening again..."

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