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curiosity killed the cat.


Now, The boys never wanted to make anything fancy or stupid for an adventure. All they wanted was to get some good night's rest. They didn't even play monopoly for that matter.

They were exhausted just by sitting around talking about scary pasts and haunted houses.

Now sleeping wasn't a good idea to Alex, especially at Albert's house, but he'll remain true to his word and stay with his friend.

All that is needed is some good ol' hot tea, and warm blankets to sleep off the horrible cold atmosphere and rainy weather.

With a swift movement, Alex stood up and went to stand right in front of the stairs, nodding to his friend to come along!

"come on, dude! Look we'll just grab it fast and leave! It won't even take more than a second, I promise!

" said Alex as rushing his friend to tag along so he wouldn't feel like he was going to literally die if he goes up there alone.

"are you sure? Because just right before you came, my room's door started to open on its own! if you want to go upstairs to my room, we have to be ready for whatever we might see there.

Although, I haven't seen anything in that window ever since that day.

" said Albert, reminding Alex with some lovely news that the room is somewhat active at the moment and it may have a dire need to start something horrible all over again.

Nothing ever goes well with that room. Everyone who enters it feels off about it. His father never seemed to care about the room's abnormality, though.

He would go there sometimes to put away some old wires. He say's they could come in handy sometimes. He keeps so many old things in the house, it's ridiculous.

"Yeah, well, we have to do something or else we sleep in the cold! Just follow my lead, ok?" said Alex, comforting his friend as he saw fear in his eyes.

He was scared as well but he didn't want to show it as that might actually make things even worse. All that it was needed is to do this and remain calm.

"Ugh...fine! I don't Mind the cold ya know!" said Albert, lumbering his way to the stairs.

"Yeah, yeah, just get over here already!" said Alex. Albert and Alex stood there frozen for some reason. Unable to communicate or make a plan.

The view of the stairs was just dim and the lights upstairs were out.

Did Albert turn the lights off? was this an electrical problem? Seriously, does the father even care what happens in this house?

"Say, did you turn off the lights before I came?" said Alex as he pointed upstairs, looking at Albert with an annoyed expression.

This can't get any worse now, can it? Albert remained staring upstairs with his mouth open. The lights are off! Why on earth are they even off!

"Hello! Earth to Albert!" said Alex, nudging his friend to wake him up from his daydreaming. Albert blinked and looked at his friend like he had just realized something.

He was trying to remember if he left them on or off.

" I think I left the lights on right before you came. We never turn off the lights, upstairs. Not while we're awake anyway." said Albert, dumbfounded.

"great! Just great!" said Alex in frustration, pinching the bridge of his nose. What could possibly go wrong with an active, freaky room and an entire floor with no lights!

"one way or another, we have to get up there! now Come on," said Albert as he rushed him to follow behind as he took the first three steps.

It's his house so he should take the lead, not his friend. Alex nodded in agreement as he followed Albert, his hands clenched together.

'crack, crack, crack'

"quiet!" said Albert in a whisper, quickly turning his face to the side to look at Alex, pausing their movement for a moment.

he got a little jumpy in reaction to Alex who was cracking his knuckles, nervously. He turned his focus upstairs, hopefully with no distractions.

"Oh my God! a roach" yelled Albert in fear as he saw a roach on one of the stairs. He was jumping like the floor was lava.

"dude! Just go up!" said Alex. Albert went to the side of the stairs and started skipping stairs to get there as fast as possible.

They both got there and threw themselves on the floor, both of them panting as if they were on some marathon.

"The lights!" said Albert loudly as nervousness started creeping into him. He rushed to turn on every light in every corner in the whole floor.

"Would you quit being loud!" yelled Alex, his hands reaching to his chest due to the startlement. That there was the scariest moment he had ever encountered.

Tension and nervousness radiated from them so much, you could cut it with a knife!

"Sorry," said Albert as they both relaxed and loosened up when the lights were all on. Except for Albert's room, of course.

Albert has insectophobia, so he was always scared of bugs, especially roaches. But at least he finds butterflies and ladybugs nice.

they both stood up and saw the door to Albert's room was closed. That's weird. It was open right before Alex came. It's like it has a mind of its own.

"you said the door was opened right before I came, right?" said Alex, staring at the door frightened.

"Yep," said Albert as he nodded bitterly.

"well, the door won't open on its own. Come on," said Alex to as both of them got closer.

"there are some blankets on my bed. we take those and leave!" said Albert, standing behind Alex as he gave him an early heads up about his brilliant plan. So much for taking the lead here.

"got it!" said Alex as he nodded, looking as stern as ever.

"on!" Alex counted as he swiftly opened the door and turned on the lights as fast as possible.

He started to scan the room for the blankets till he saw them on Albert's bed. They both rushed to get them then turned around to leave the room.

Both of them took one step to head out and then suddenly the room's lights started flickering and Albert's left eye started itching.

"we need to leave! NOW!" Albert informed Alex as they both heard a horrible, loud shriek suddenly coming out of nowhere.

Albert couldn't help but turn around and look at the window as he heard it, recognizing every sound he heard.

His childhood memories started flashing right before his eyes as that black figure started to appear again.

A black, tall and wide like shape with a round,

almost triangular shape like head (but one couldn't make out the head from the body because it was all black and looked as if everything was merged altogether) and some really bizarre spike

like fingers that sprung out of its back area. "ALBEEEEEEEERT!" a horrible scream was heard throughout the whole room making the boys cover their ears and close their eyes in horror.

They both suddenly couldn't move and as if an invisible force has pushed them down on the floor as the room and whatever is in it started to suddenly shake.

Albert was flipped over on his belly and was being pulled to the window as if some invisible chains were locked into his feet and they were pulling him closer.

He started to scream and was scratching the floor in protest and pain, trying to hold on to whatever his hands would manage to grab on to.

"ALEX!" yelled Albert, pleading for dear help as he lifted one of his hands desperately trying to reach out to Alex.

Suddenly, Alex managed to get closer to Albert and grab his hand in an attempt to pull him closer as he grabbed the wardrobe's wooden foot aiding him to resist whatever is pulling them both now.

"HOLD ON TO ME!" yelled Alex, informing Albert to hold on tighter so he wouldn't get sucked up in there. God know's what will happen if they get pulled in there.

The shadows started to extend a little more out of the window as if it was trying to engulf the entire room in its darkness.

The two boys looked at that view, frightened of what will become of them. Just when things were going crazy and out of hands, everything stopped.

The shaking stopped, the shrieking stopped and the shadow disappeared.

They both felt as if a huge pressure was lifted off of them once everything went back to normal and they could actually use their bodies willingly again.

"Woah..." said Alex in amusement, both of them on the floor.

"did...did it just stop?" said Albert, his tone expressing desperateness.

"yeah...I don't know what the hell just happened so let's get the hell out of here!" said Alex as he got up and lent a hand to Albert who remained shocked on the floor.

Albert took the helping hand and got up and looked at the room to check if it was really gone. It doesn't seem like it's there anymore.

They can safely leave the room now and hopefully whatever is in there, stays in there.

"let's go," said Albert in a suppressed tone as he grabbed the blankets from the floor and both of them swiftly jogged to the door and left the room.

Albert took one last stare before closing the door.

"dude, come on!" yelled Alex, standing near the stairs ready to head down and forget about whatever had happened and that he was more focused on getting some sleep.

Albert jumped at his friend's sudden demand and nodded back, closing the door as he sighed in defeat. They both went downstairs in silence. They didn't know what to say.

Not like they could explain it but it was just horribly awful. Alex still wonders how does Albert manage to stay in this house.

Each of them laid down on one of the couches, and covered themselves, getting ready to sleep. Albert looked Alex, noticing he already fell asleep, hence the snoring.

"Alex?" said Albert, trying to see if he was still awake. he didn't answer, so he was deep in his slumber. Poor guy must be freaked out and utterly tired after what happened.

Thunder boomed ever so loudly and the rain was heavier than ever. Albert sighed as he realized the weather was still bad. He had forgotten about it considering what just happened.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes hoping for a better tomorrow would greet him and his sleeping pal over there. That idea comforted him somehow as he dozed off to his dreams.

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