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A look at the past.

(i had to remove, and rewrite half of the story because it was too long. i will post it as a sequel)


March 20, 1968. Albert had come back from school feeling very confident. but he had to get ready before 2:30 pm. he still had time for himself until The guests have arrived.

he went to his room to get a headstart. Usually, he's not picky about what to wear. He just wears whatever he sees nice and fits him. but this was special to him.

It's his birthday and he doesn't want to look unappealing. He likes anything that's dark colored, never was into bright colors. That's just his personal preference.

He picked up a black T-shirt and a pair of blue denim pants. pleased with himself, he laid them on his bed.

"Ugh I stink like a swamp frog!" he said as he sniffed his armpits. his day at school involved a lot of running around.

Not to mention the kids bullying him, which wasn't something new to come across. the running around was mostly from them. as a kid, he was weak and very shy. he wasn't a big talker either.

He'd normally let other people do the talking, which made him a really good listener. He also had quite the musical ear, which he got from his mother.

"Albert! I got the hot water up and running for you, sweety! Go have a shower because you smell like bad feet!" Martha, Albert's mother, yelled to her son so that he would hear her command.

if he did the shower himself, he'd either make it too hot or too cold, then Martha would come to the rescue. he should take that shower because he truly smells like all kinds of bad.

"Thanks, Mom! I'll be right down!" he yelled back in response. he took a quick glance at his clothes, knowing he'll be wearing them for his birthday made him smile.

"ow!" his left eye started itching. 'scratch, scratch,' It's either an eyelash got into his eye, or some dirt slipped in while he was running in school.

'scratch, scratch, scratch' "man, this itch is bad! Eh, a shower will fix me up" he said to himself while standing in front of the mirror to check his eye. Nothing seems to have gotten inside.

Usually, it's an eyelash but he kept rolling his eyes to left and right, up and down and he doesn't feel any eyelash there. It's itching some more and it's becoming a little red.

He shrugged it off. Today is a big day for him and he's not going to let some itchy eye of his get in the way! He went off to have the shower he dreadfully needed.

Man, his mother knows how to balance the hot and cold water. It's always so perfect for him. He made it a little hot to add some steam to the bathroom.

He would use a lot of shampoo to make a big, fluffy foam and make himself a shampoo beard and pretend he was Santa Clause.

He was humming some of the songs he would hear his mom singing when she's in the kitchen. It does get boring to shower without doing some sort of fun activity in it.

"Ok, all done! It's time to start this birthday party!" he said to himself as he headed out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and a towel thrown around his shoulders.

The itching is gone now. Looks like he was right. The shower did fix him up. Having a nice steamy shower always made him feel like a brand new boy. He went off to his room to get ready.

It's 3:30 pm! The guests are an hour away from arriving! He hurriedly entered the room and closed the door behind him.

He started to dry himself up as he kept staring at his clothes lying there on the bed. He felt happy and very peachy.

Like life is going smoothly and that there was nothing he had to do, except have fun.


let's wear this first" he mumbled to himself as he took his black T-shirt and put it on, "now this!

" he said in a low tone as he took a pair of some underwear he found thrown in his wardrobe and then he put on his blue denim pants.

All he wore fits perfectly, "Ok now that's out of the way it's to time to get my sho..." 'whispers'

"huh?" Albert had a weird look on his face. He just heard some whispers in his room. What could that be? Is it the kids from outside? Nah.

It's probably some noise from some car engine or birds chirping. "ok, where was I? Aha!" he found his shoe under his bed and started looking for a pair of socks.

He found some nice black socks in his wardrobe drawer. 'sniff sniff' "they smell clean," he said to himself as he made a close inspection to smell his socks.

he put the socks on and was about to put on his shoes. 'whispers, shriek, window cracking sound'.

Albert swiftly turned to his left to notice that the sounds are coming from the window.

The window? Are they coming from outside? But what was that window cracking? He was sure that it's his window making a cracking sound. Is it an earthquake? Nah.

If it was an earthquake, he'd feel the vibrations under his feet. He got up to look at through the window. Well, it seemed normal. The outside view looked normal and the sun was lovely.

Maybe he's just thinking too much about his birthday, he started hearing things. Could that happen to someone? "hehe," he giggled to himself at that thought.

This is nothing! He's just happy it's his birthday and all his loved ones will be here any minute now. 'whispers','Aall....'. "huh?" Albert took a closer look at the window.

The window is forming some dark shadowy circles. He opened the window. It looked normal outside and the weather had a really nice breeze to it, "ok, ok, calm down.

take it easy," he mumbled to himself as he let out a sigh of frustration. He closed the window.

He looked at the clock, it's 4:00 pm! The guests will be here any minute! He hurriedly sat on his bed to put on his shoes.

"ok, all done!" he said to himself, standing up in a hurry and annoyance. he's all finished and he's ready to head out of his room. he was about to walk out and head downstairs.

'whispers whispers whispers' Albert turned around quickly to face the window. He looked scared now. He slowly walked closer to the window to check it one last time.

He stood in front of the window, almost making him look like he was about to jump out of it.

He started to slowly get his head closer to the window and he squinted his eyes as he started to notice those shadow like circles forming.


Albert heard a faint whisper hauntingly calling to him from that window.

"Albert! Come down, your friends are here!" his mom yelled to him. Albert jumped from his standing point and turned around quickly to the door as his hands reached out to his chest.

His heart was racing faster than a shooting star now. "thanks, mom! I'll be right there!" he yelled back to let her know he's all done. Ok, he doesn't have time for this.

The guests are here and it's time for the birthday boy to have some party time. He made his way to the door and shrugged off whatever he felt, saw and heard.

Having fun is his priority now! He went down to meet his friends and surprisingly, everybody was here early. Except for his uncle and aunt, who are always late to arrive on occasions.

He saw Nicole and Alex there standing in the kitchen, both of them drinking some orange juice his mother made.

"Hey, guys!" Albert said with excitement and a very happy grin was drawn on his face. He hugged Nicole and Alex, who are relatively the closest people to his heart.

"you know I always liked birthdays. Everyone has so much fun in birthdays!" said young Nicole with a smile on her face as she took a sip of that orange juice.

"well, if you ask me, my favorite part in birthdays is the food and the cake.

They're so delicious! And you can eat all the candy and sweets! You're the guest, so it's an open buffet of everything you'd want!

" said young Alex happily as he finished his orange juice and grabbed a chocolate bar from the table. As a kid, Alex had quite the appetite.

"Heey! You're here for me not for the cake!" said Albert as he laughed and lightly pushed Alex. They were talking about school and Albert was telling them about the bullies and how his day went.


they all sang in unison as his mother was holding the cake, candles were lit and every person Albert knew was singing happy birthday!

She put the cake on the table as they finished singing, and he got a hug from his mom and dad.

"Aw, my little angel is growing to be a man!" said Martha in a sweet and velvet, motherly tone.

"Happy birthday, son. Always know that I'm very proud of you," said Bob, Albert's father, hugging Albert.

"moooom!" said Albert in embarrassment.

"ok sweety! Make a wish!" said Martha with a big smile on her face.

Albert is happy now. His heart is filled with joy and content. Everything is going so nice and smooth and life is simply good. He stared at the cake as he wished for nothing to change.

Everything should remain the same and everyone as well. Except for that room...Albert stared at the cake for a few seconds. Maybe things do need to change a little bit.

He thought of what could he wish for to change things in that room. He remembered the things he had seen. Suddenly his smile started dropping down.

He felt as if the whole world went silent and he was drifting in another dimension.

"Albert! come on! Blow the candles! They won't go out on their own, ya know!" said Nicole with a big smile on her face as she lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

Right! He needs to blow the candles now, so He did and everyone clapped and wished him a happy birthday as they handed him out his presents.

Now it's time to have some real fun! All of the kids are either split into groups.

you would notice 5 kids playing musical chairs outside, or 4 kids playing marbles outside, or simply a bunch of kids running around the house playing tag.

The adults seem to regret bringing kids with them now. They can't even have a normal conversation without hearing some kid scream "ready or not here I come!".

but they were happy so that's good enough for them.

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