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a growing fear and a little teamwork.


Silence fell between them after Albert said those three words.

Did Alex hear him right? Could this actually be happening?

All that was audible during their silence was that dreadful rain and thunder rumbling through the whole sky like it was some light show. Quite the timing for such an eventful day.

"you...wait, what?" Alex replied, putting his feet down from the coffee table and sitting up front in a very serious posture. Now it's getting real. Like actual seriousness.

He thought Albert was just being a wuss since most of the time he really is. He tends to avoid anything that involves a little bit of trouble to get things done.

He doesn't even stand up for himself, most of the times. But to think that room is acting up again? After so many years? This can't be happening out of thin air.

Something is definitely fishy here.

"You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding!" said Alex in a pleading tone. He didn't want to hear anything that involved Albert's room.

The horrifying past of that room can't be erased from his memory. Not after that day and definitely not after what happened to his dear friend.

Albert's whole house looks creepy, let alone that room! he never blamed Albert for not liking the house. He feels the same way everytime he puts his foot inside.

Somehow he always knew, and felt, that something would come up that would get that room all weird once more.

"I don't know, dude! I think the room is going haywire all over again! And to think I thought it was over! Not to mention, my left eye is itching again.

That's a clear sign that the room is rising up from its slumber to turn my life into literal hell!

" said Albert with an extreme worrisome tone as his hands were on his hips and his eyes were opened wide. He definitely doesn't want to remember what happened to him when he was a kid.

He felt a bad ache in his stomach and his heart started beating a little faster just thinking about it. He needed to sit down.

"ugh! What am I supposed to do now?" said Albert as he sat down on the couch next to his friend, and his head tilted upwards to look at the ceiling.

His hands reached out to his face and covered his whole face and he Let out a sigh in frustration.

'muffled talking'.

"what?" said Alex, turning his head a little to his right, To hear a little better because he couldn't figure out what his friend was saying if his hands were covering his face.

"Maybe I should tell mom and dad about what the room actually is," said Albert in a tone of hopelessness.

"wait...your parents never knew about this? Dude!" said Alex, his voice frustrated and a little angry.

"Well, believe it or not, they don't seem to even know about it," said Albert in a surprised tone.

"but dude! The incident happened right there! And they came to rescue you! How can they think that room is normal?

!" said Alex, frustrated even more at the fact that his friend's parents know absolutely nothing about anything that relates to that room.

"are you sure they don't know anything at all?" said Alex, hoping Albert would reply with some good information about his parent's acknowledgment of that room.

"I can't say yes to that. When I ask mom and dad about it, they both seem to give me the same answer: "you just had too many sweets, plus the room was dark so you got all jumpy and scared,".

I don't know though. They could be hiding something and they're not telling me about it. Maybe this house has some bad history with the people who lived in it before us.

Maybe it's cursed? I don't know a single thing about why this is happening!" said Albert as he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples and frustration, in a defeated tone.

"this house? Cursed?

If you keep talking like this, I'll leave you alone right now!

" said Alex in a frightened tone as he was scared to death at the thought of this house being cursed, and his friend is just making things worse for both of them.

This town never had such cases though. Even it's criminal history wasn't that bad. The last crime their little town had was ten years ago. Their town's history leans a lot more on the safe side.

"have you tried telling Nicole?" said Alex in a curious tone.

"Nah. I kinda don't want to drag her into this mess. She worries too much and she will definitely throw herself in the midst of this whole situation. I don't want that to happen.

she got her hands full already with her family issues. Her parents aren't getting very well, did you know?" said Albert

"oh? Really? Poor girl. Yeah, don't tell her then. At least not now. she'll want to know eventually though. She already saw your left eye right?" said Alex in an interested tone.

"Yeah, she did. I told her it was nothing and that I'll see a doctor about it. She didn't seem to buy it though. What if she suspects something is going on?" said Albert in a worried tone.

The very last thing he wants is Nicole knowing about this. Literally, she will never shut up about it.

"You're a horrible liar so I bet that just gave away your room's secret. well, if she knows about this, then you tell her the truth. No point in hiding anything now," said Alex in conclusion.

He was right. He doesn't need to actually hide anything about this room any more than he already is. Heck, it will be a good thing that everyone knows.

Albert won't feel like he's alone in this anymore. He's just afraid people might think he's crazy and won't believe him.

Now that could happen but he has his friends to back him up on this one, aside from the past he had with that room.

Plus if he wants to lie about his room, he will defiantly blow his cover and everyone will easily find out. He would probably win the world prize for lying very badly.

Guess that compliments his childhood and how he was raised. Basically, telling the truth would be more merciful, and less embarrassing for him.

"Yeah, I'll just wait for a little while then tell her about it. I just...i feel like I'm alone in all of this," said Albert, his expression was switched from normal to sorrow and sadness.

"you will never be alone in anything! You should Know that.

We are all here for you! When you tell everybody of course, hahaha!" Alex comforted Albert and made a joke just to make his friend feel a little better.

They both chuckled for a moment and then silence fell between them again as they both sighed. It's getting a little boring now since they have absolutely nothing to talk about.

It was 11:00 pm, and it was still raining like it was the last day for all humanity, and the sky just wanted to dish out whatever it had stored on earth.

Not to mention the wind that keeps making sounds from outside, which was really not helping the mood in the house. In fact, it's making them a little jumpy.

"man, it really is getting chilly in here. Don't you have any wood for the fireplace or some heater we could possibly use?" said Alex, hoping for some good news about that matter.

"no, I'm afraid. We have no wood since mom and dad left. They usually put new wood every Thursday or Friday. As for the heater, it's broken down.

So much for our luck," said Albert in a disappointed tone.

"Damn. ok, maybe we could use some blankets? If we were to stay awake, being cold won't help us.

Heck, if we wanted to sleep, we'll never be able to close our eyes as long as our feet remain cold as ice! Oh and some hot chocolate will do wonders!

We won't even feel the cold once we have a single sip of it! Oh, my god...

please tell me you have it!" said Alex, taking a deep inhale after saying everything in one breath, thinking of all the possibilities as he exhaled in frustration.

He just wanted something to lessen the effects of the horrid weather outside. He's pretty sure blankets will do just fine if they get some down here.

Even a sweater would suffice, not to mention any hot drink will also do fine, but hot chocolate is usually the best in such situations.

" I'm embarrassed. as for the hot chocolate, we don't have any. We ran out of it a week ago.

But we do have tea so that's kind of a plus for us!" said Albert in disappointment as he realized they really need to buy some hot chocolate.

His dad drinks a lot of it so they usually never run out of it. It's kind of weird seeing that they don't have any, at the moment.

Alex remained silent at his friends reply as his mouth went wide open in amusement. This house has no heater because, well, they are broken.

Does anybody fix anything in this house? And no wood for the fireplace which just adds up to their demise.

And no hot chocolate! Who doesn't want hot chocolate on a rainy day! At least they have tea so that's something!

"what about the blankets?" Alex said as he postured himself properly and tried to make some sense out of this whole dilemma of no heat on a cold, windy and rainy day.

"as for the blankets," said Albert as he sighed and paused for a moment, "they're in my room," said Albert in a defeated tone and extreme despair.

After what happened upstairs a few hours ago, he definitely doesn't want to step foot in there. He'd rather sleep in the living room on the couch with no covers than go there.

"oh...well, we're screwed," said Alex as he stared at the floor and his voice had a frightened tone at the thought of the idea of going up there at night, in this weather.

He really thought they were done for now. Are they supposed to go up there to get those blankets? It's getting colder by the minute and sooner or later some heat will be necessary.

"you know what? We're going up there!"

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