My dear do compose yourself

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macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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What would the world be without self composure?

My dear do compose yourself

What would happen to the world, If we all decided to lose composure, To act out our thoughts, To be raw with exposure.

Would it turn to chaos, As people no longer hold back how the feel, Or would the world finally become a place, That feels genuinely real.

Like a symphony or orchestra, Some have the talent to compose; A life that appears idyllic But with problems they will never disclose.

When going to a bar, Or meeting a friends parents, One has to compose themselves To keep up a good appearance. But composure is impossible to maintain Eventually cracks appear, The imperfections seep through, And who you are becomes clear.

There is nothing wrong With being flawed; And to be honest being constantly composed Leaves one rather bored. For it is the unplanned oddity’s in life, That make it worth its while; So embrace uncomposed moments, And an unpredictable lifestyle.

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