A letter to a girl I once loved,

A letter to a girl I once loved, stories

mac Just a dipshit trying to write stuff
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I have been in love with her for years.

A letter to a girl I once loved,

Hello, it's been a while..

How have you been?

Aside from the sting of losing you, I'm fine.

It has been exactly 6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days since we last talked.

And yet I still remember so many things about you.

The way you talked, the sound of your voice. Like dripping honey, slow and soft.

The feeling of my arm around your shoulder. You were the only person that was short enough that I could do that without jumping.

The smell of your sweater that I stole solely to have something to remember you by. It still has the faint scent of you. Only traces.

God, I loved you. All of you, your hair, your hips, your mouth, and your hands.

I guess I should tell you something.

I wouldn't be writing this letter if I didn't feel the same way. I still love you.

I love you, Sincerely, Atlas

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