Life Goes On - Chapter 4
Life Goes On - Chapter 4 fan fiction stories

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*Sigh* Chapter 4. Maybe I'll write a whole book.

Life Goes On - Chapter 4

"We're all so glad you're okay. You were in a critical condition for so long, and you wouldn't respond most of the time, and we were so worried that you were..." Tori says, trailing off.

It's been a couple of days since I woke up, and although it hurts like hell, nothing major is broken and all my nerves are intact.

"We were scared to even try and start the stiches on your temple because your brain recieved most of the impact and was so fragile and sensitive. We're just overjoyed that you made it through all of that with no permanent damage. You've still got to take it slow and take lots of rest though".

I nod and say, "Okay. Don't do anything that could potentially kill me. Got it". Beside me, Four flinches. Right. I forgot to mention, I amost died during my "coma". Multiple times.

Most of my injuries have healed, but a lot of them are still there.

I have a huge gash accross my left temple that Tori says might leave a scar. My right arm is in a cast because apparently when I fell (more like flew across the room), I broke it. I also sprained my left foot and a couple of the fingers on my right hand broke. Only two of them are actually intact.

My rib cage is also very delicate now and my chest is covered with multiple scars from the... incident... at the Bureau.

I'm still not prepared to talk about that. To anybody. Everybody insists that I should tell them. They say it's not good if I "suffer from the trauma of the incident alone".

I actually considered telling Christina, but there was no guarantee Caleb or George wouldn't slip in some truth serum into her water or something and force her to tell them too, or if she would just tell them anyway.

It's not that I don't trust her. It's just that she cares about me a little too much. So she might tell Four or Evelyn or Tori or someone and then claim it was for my own good.

I'm so caught up in my thoughts, it takes me a couple of seconds to register that the room has gone all quiet and that I'm not really paying attention.

I look up to see Four, Evelyn, Tori, Caleb, Christina, George, and Adam looking at me with worried expressions on their faces.

I shoot a look in Caleb's direction that says, "What the heck happened and why are you all staring at me?"

He sighs and says, "Tori asked you how you were feeling, but it seems like you're too busy staring at the wall, like you have been for the past twenty minutes or so". I gape at him.

I've been lost in a different world for about twenty whole minutes and nobody bothered telling me until now. Okay, so now they're going to think I'm going mad and that I need help.

I roll my eyes. Just when I thought that I could finally relax and have everybody leave me alone, I'm going to have to attend therapy with Tori.

And, as I suspected, Tori looks at me and says, "Tris? Are you okay? You've been spacing out a lot nowadays. Do you want me to give you some pills or something? Or wait. I could...".

"No. Nothing. I'm perfectly fine. Maybe I'm just a little distracted because... oh, I don't know... maybe because I've faced death multiple times in just the past week. So I'm trying to think about what I can actually do that won't kill me. So, if I get distracted, stop acting like I've gone mad", I cut her off before she can finish.

My head is pounding. I get up and head towards my room. Thankfully, no one follows, except for Four. I sigh, push my way into the room, fall face-down onto the bed and let out the biggest groan of my life.

"My life sucks", is all I can think of.

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