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m_r_wright He risked everything, to feel something.
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...Without her.


Typing sadly,

Missing a pen

That feeling,

Fighting through hand cramps,

The pain

All worth it

To write all of her, or try

Thank the Gods,

All of them

(Those that exist and those that don't,

For at least the Universe does

And everything is a part of everything)

This gift (if I can be called gifted),

So many who have her will never have

The honour to be

Able to not only hold all desire,

But also immortalise all happiness

Squeeze extra tightly while you can;

Press your face up against hers;

Breathe all of her in;

Taste the sweetness of her essence,

Feel it flow inside and through you,

Warm your soul

They will wish they could write every feeling

Even a writer will never want for words

For she is infinitely gorgeous,

And infinitely intelligent,

And infinitely humorous,

And infinitely perfect in every way

Every fibre of her being can take up an entire volume

Everything about her is special and unique

Everything she is, all must be loved or none at all

And the same must go for writing

All must be written or none at all

Every fibre of my being must love every fibre of hers,

Until the end of time,

Or else the keys will stick

(Liars don't deserve prose)

As best I can, I will,

As I claim I have always

Never fully without a pen,

But well enough for now,

Without dying

This trial and tribulation,

A painful necessity for living like me

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