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m_r_wright He risked everything, to feel something.
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She left for Rome and never returned.


How can it be,

That I can be,

Both here and there,

And nowhere?

How can it be,

You and me,

When here and there is where inside they beat (if at all),

And I am always incomplete?

How can it be

So hard, then easy, then hard again,

'Til all there is becomes a chore, a war,

And no one wants to fight?

How can it be,


When it struggles to survive

Under such harsh conditions, as torrential tears?

How can it be,

Tell me,

If you can,

This thing I want so much, it hurts;

When all of it is far away,

Not here, not there, not anywhere?

Always only fleeting,

And often sad

Am I selfish?

How can it be?

I need an answer

For life reasons

I'm dying

Or at least, not living

And I'm entirely sure why or why not,

But you, I cannot answer

How can it be,

Riddle me this,

That your happiness is the sea,

Ebbing and flowing,

And relentlessly unwilling to stay steady

(So stubborn);

And mine, as ever, the sand

Stuck to the shore?

How can it be,

That love will ever be

In such a place?

Between everything and nothing,

There is nothing,

Nothing thrives

But how can it be,

Tell me anyway,

How can I still love?

And Live

I want to live

It matters still to me, this, if not to any else

I care for impossibilities

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