A way back home CHAPTERS 1 AND 2
A way back home
CHAPTERS 1 AND 2 action stories
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An action fantasy novel that will make people want to read on to find out the outcome.

A way back home CHAPTERS 1 AND 2

CHAPTER 1: Run. Run is the only thing Myah can think of right now. Running away from a group of six teenage girls is a small percentage for most people to experience. If you count beating up a group leader until she is a little pulp normal, then you will be classed as crazy. Well it was usual for Myah.

Myah is the type of girl to get into trouble. The day before she was arrested for being in a huge girl cat fight near the police station, but she was let go due to her being too young to go to prison. she did hospitalize one of the girls from the group she is running away from now.

“Come back here you little bitch! I am going to kill you for putting my best friend in the hospital yesterday!” One of the girls shouted behind her as they were edging closer to Myah every second. Myah ran as fast as her small thin bruised legs could carry her. She pushed past a crowd of people who were dancing vigorously to the beat of an Ariana Grande song.

She was just a few inches away from a very busy road where she could easily get rid of those girls who were trailing behind her by at least 2 meters. Since she lived in London every main road is always busy and filled with the smell of car engines and the strong cologne of people which always makes her want to throw up.

As she neared the busy road and was ready to smell all of the disgusting fragrances which blocked up her nose, one of the girls caught up with her and grabbed her arm, forcefully turning her around and her small, dainty face was met with a very weak punch. Since she was weak because of all the running, she staggered backwards, holding her cheek where the girls knuckle met her face.

“Finally! I’ve got you now! I’ve been waiting for a long time to do that to you for being the little bitch you are and for messing with my girls when you know you’re not meant to!” She said whilst laughing which sounds more like a cackle.

She turned to the five other girls who were standing behind laughing and smirking at Myah. She flipped the hair that was covering her right ear with so much force that it hit one of the girls in the face. “Girls! Do what you please to this bitch! Avenge Jasmine so it makes her happy!” She commanded her 5 small goons. “Yes Britney!” They nodded and smiled as they stepped closer to Myah.

One of them grabbed her hair and tightened her grip around it. Myah smacked her hand off and the girl winced in pain and rubbed her wrist where Myah just hit her. “Your little friend deserved what came for her you know! She was distinctively hurting a young girl who looked too innocent to hurt! How cruel is your friend?!” Myah shouted at the group of girls.

The girl who is called Britney’s face fell from a smirk to a glare. She charged towards Myah with eyes full of rage and kicked Myah’s stomach, making Myah fall onto one knee. On most days Myah was tough and was used to being hit but today just was not her day. She did not feel like fighting back as much. Today she would rather just use words to take these girls out instead of using violence to get her own way.

Britney punched Myah in the face once more before holding Myah’s face in her hands. Myah could feel the warmness of her blood slowly falling down her chin from her lip.

“My best friend Jasmine is never like that! She always had a reason to hurt someone whether that person was innocent or not. Who cares if that girl was ten years old? She had a reason to be hit!” Myah could feel her anger rise in her. She felt astonished that this girl who was friendly to everyone at school could be this cruel whenever she is around her friends.

Punching a young ten-year-old girl? Myah thought. She must have had an amazing reason for that! Most likely she had no reason at all! “Now, where shall I punch this bitch girls?” She smirked at her friends as she moved Myah’s face around using her hands. I have a name you know! Plus, I am not the Bitch here! Myah exclaimed in her head whilst glaring at the beauty turned devil of the school.

“Shall I punch her in the lip?” Britney talked to Myah quietly as she punched her in the lip. “Wait I have just already done it! Ha! This is so much fun! I should do this to you more often!” She laughs as she suddenly whispered in Myah’s ear. “Not so tough, anymore are you?”

Myah could feel shivers run down her spine since Britney’s breath was very cold like an evil ice witch who had just kidnapped her and took her hostage. Britney was about to kick her until Myah held her foot with her hand using some of the strength she had left.

“LET GO BITCH!” Britney screamed as Myah tightened her grip, sinking her long-painted nails into her ankle. Britney cried in pain. Myah quickly stood up in pulled her foot up making Britney smash onto the floor headfirst.

Myah then decided to sit on top of Britney’s stomach and punch her in the face repeatedly. Britney tried to block Myah’s punches using her hands, but it was no use. Britney’s five goon fried to get Myah of off their sub – leader but Myah stood up and kicked them in the shin and chucked them onto the nearest wall. “AHH! MY HEAD!” They screeched like a flock of birds trying to look for food.

Due to their awful screeching, it alerted the group of dancers and they quickly turned off their booming music and rushed over to help the group. Myah continued to hit Britney with all her might until a tall middle-aged man from the group of dancers tried pulling her away.

Every time, Myah managed to release his grasp from around her and ran and hit Britney again. It took at least five people to pin her down.

A young woman, around her late thirties decided to call the ambulance and the police. “LET GO OF ME! IT’S NOT MY FAULT IT’S ALL HERS!” Myah boomed over everyone’s voices as she squirmed around and tried to release their grips using her hands. In the end she decided to bite someone’s hand. “OWWWWW! SHE BIT ME!” Someone cried out.

Sooner or later, the ambulance came and checked up on the five goons who were clutching their heads in agony. Myah was still struggling to get free but later realises that there is no point and just let them pin her to the floor. The police came not long after and asked the public who were witnesses of the fight some questions.

Then one of the police officers told the group of people who were holding Myah down to let go. The five people holding Myah let go and they moved away from her.

"Again Myah? How many fights do you get into a week?" Myah looked up to meet eyes with her favourite police officer who always backs up her case.

He had bright green eyes just like evergreen trees and they were beautiful. He had short blonde hair which most of it was hidden underneath his police hat. His face was very clear and had nothing wrong with his appearance. He was also very tall about 6'4 and had very broad shoulders. Myah could now tell why a lot of girls only got arrested just to see him everyday.

"It wasn't my fault Chris, those girls were chasing me so I ran and then they started to attack me on purpose so I attacked them back to defend myself. Plus, I did not want to fight today but I did not want to let them just hit me." He sighed and held out his hand to her and Myah took it politely and he pulled her up so she stood upright on her feet.

"Thanks." Was all Myah could say to him. He nodded and smiled a little. "You beat them up pretty well though coming from a small eighteen year old girl." He said whilst staring at Britney who was being put on a stretcher and then wheeled out into the ambulance. "Like I told you, they hit me first and they did deserve it."

"And what made you think that?" He said as he got out his notepad and pen and began writing my testimony in. "Hey I thought we were having a friendly chat!" I whined to him. Chris chuckled a little them turned serious. "I'm on duty right now and I have to take everyone's testimony's so answer the question please Myah."

"Okay. They deserved the injuries I gave them because that girl Britney and her 5 other invalid goons who follow her around as well as that other girl I also put in the hospital who is called Jasmine decided it was okay to beat up a sweet innocent ten-year-old girl in front of the police station yesterday! Then today they came after me for beating up Jasmine when she deserved it!"

Chris put his notepad and pen back into his pocket and took out his car keys. "Thank you for part of you testimony but I'm afraid I am going to have to take you to the police station so I can hear more of your testimony. Oh, I will also call your mom and tell her you are at the police station AGAIN." He exaggerated again to make Myah scared but she didn't feel threatened at all.

"Lets go Myah." He said as he motioned her to follow him to his car using his head. Myah nodded her head, nervous to know what her mom was going to say and opened the door of Chris' Audi RS3 and sat in the back of the car and waited patiently in silence because her reputation has now become at stake. My mom is going to freak out she thought as she watched the houses go by as she car drove away.

CHAPTER 2 : CHRIS As Chris was driving towards the police station, he saw how nervous Myah looked as she was staring out of the pale coloured glass of the car window. Instead of staring at her he should be staring at the dark road in front of him.

Well, the road was not that dark due to the number of cars lined up in a queue in front of his. He opened the window to let some air in because the car was quite stuffy but all he could smell was pollution in the air from the cars exhaust fumes. He cleared his throat and closed the window back up.

“You look nervous are you okay?” He asked her in a worried tone. He could see her looking at him through the rear – view mirror. He noticed she had bright blue eyes just like the ocean and he did not notice he was looking at her for a while.

“Chris, did you hear what I said?” She asked him. Chris suddenly felt an urge of embarrassment and he felt his cheeks getting warmer by the second.

“Urmm – No, no I didn’t! Sorry! Could you repeat what you said to me just now?” he stuttered from embarrassment. Myah stared at him seriously. “What I said was that I am not nervous at all thank you very much.” She said as she started to stare back out of the window with an expressionless face plastered on.

So cold. Chris thought as the traffic congestion started to move again and they were moving closer towards the station.

As they arrived, Chris led Myah through the entrance of the police station into the consultation room filled with people around Myah's age. Some of them seem to recognize her and Chris saw she lowered her head. They walked over towards his desk and he sat down in his pitch black swivel chair whereas Myah sat across from him in front of his desk in a plain wooden chair.

"Myah, do you really like coming here?" He asked the brown haired girl. She lifted up her face showing the emotionless expression she had the whole journey to the police station. "Actually Chris, I hate coming here, I just get caught in the wrong all the time even though it is the other person's fault! NOT MINE!" She raised her voice so everyone in the room stared at them.

Chris took off his police hat and brushed back his short blonde locks. He sighed as he sat straight in his seat and clasped his hands together and put them on the table in front of him. "Everyone go back to what you were doing." He told everyone in the room and then it went from silence to noisy voices being raised. His eyes traced back to Myah's expression. Blank as before.

"Myah, you now have to tell me everything that happened today. Only then will I know whether you are the victim or not." Myah nodded as she explained the whole story. Chris nodded his head, letting her know that he was listening carefully to what she had to say. In the most important parts he made a note in his notepad and added it to her testimony on the computer.

When Myah was done explaining herself, Chris knew that she was the victim and started to believe what she was saying since he met her at the scene a few minutes before. "Myah I believe you. I know they were hurting you but you should not have used violence. Violence is not the answer. Next time this happens, call me and I will go straight to place you are at.Okay?"

"Thank you for believing me Chris, but what happens if you don't get therein time and I am about to get beaten to death? Can I fight then?" She asked seriously. He looked at her in the eyes. "You can fight ONLY when you need to protect yourself in dangerous situations when I can not get there on time." She sighed and rubbed her face with her hands fustratedly.

"Urgh, what is my mom going to say when she comes here for the second time this week? I am going to be in so much trouble! You must help me Chris! Tell her I did nothing wrong!" She tried to persuade her but Chris knew that he can not get her out of this mess. He shook his head in doubt.

"I can not help you. I can tell your mom as much as you told me but if I tell anyone of this incident no-one may believe you. Except me of course. Your mom is going to have to find out this way. I'm sorry Myah." She nodded sadly and lowered her head onto the desk. Chris felt bad for her but since he is a police officer all he can tell is the story and wait for her mom to see if she can believe her daughter or not.

Chris then thought that the only way to help her is to tell the truth. Which he does all the time but he REALLY has to shine some light onto this incident that involved Myah. Last time she fought to protect a young girl who was clearly innocent to even hit. This time she fought to protect herself. His straight face flickered into a small smile.

"Myah here's what I am going to do. I am going to make this whole situation sound very much like that group of girls fault since it IS so you don't need to worry anymore. Your mom will totally believe me." Her face lit up in hope as she lifted her face off of the table. "Really Chris, you are going to help me?" She said hopefully. "Yes I am Myah. I am still telling the truth anyways so what can happen?"

"Thank you! thank you! thank you!" She said as she clapped her hand joyfully. Chris snickered a little and looked towards the door of the room to find Myah's mom rushing in worriedly. He looked back at Myah. "She's here Myah. Get ready." She nodded and sat in silence. Chris stood up and met eyes with her mom. "Mrs Evans? Over here please."

Mrs Evans rushes over and greets Chris with a small smile. Then she slowly sat down and turned to see her daughter Myah sitting there blankly. Again as always Chris thought as he waited patiently. "What did you do this time Myah? HUH? This is the second time this week I had to come here to pick you up!" She said to Myah angrily. Myah looked at her expressionless.

"It wasn't my fault mom! I protected myself this time!" She raised her voice a little. Mrs Evans turned to Chris. "Chris, tell me everything she told you NOW please!" Chris could see that Mrs Evans has become fed up in coming here so he sped up the explanation of the incident just enough for her to understand. He included in his explanation that it was not Myah's fault who started all of this.

Mrs Evans leaned back in her seat, her breathing became heavy from rage. "When we get out of here I am going to that hospital and I am giving those girls a piece of my mind!" She spat out as she stood up. Myah tried to calm her down. “Mom please don’t if you go to the hospital you will cause a scene and plus it will not help at all!”

"Thank you so much Chris for clearing things up for me. I thought Myah was causing trouble to those girls but not I am glad it wasn't her that started it."

Mrs evans grabbed her bag and took Myah's hand. "Let's go Myah. And let's hope you don't come back here for a third time this week. Actually let's not come back here again because of your actions. Got it?" Myah stood up and Chris saw her smile a bit. "Yes mom. I'll see you around Chris and thank you again." Chris began to feel another smile creep up on his face.

"I'll see you around to Myah, Mrs Evans. Remember Myah, call me if you get into any more trouble okay?" Myah then stood straight and saluted to Chris. "Sir yes sir!" Mrs Evans smiled a little knowing that the goofy side of Myah has come out.

"Well, goodbye Chris." Mrs Evans says as she drags Myah out of the door. "Goodbye Mrs Evans and Myah!" He shouts back and waves.

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