When I Dropped Out...
When I Dropped Out... stories

m23mclaughlinCommunity member
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When I Dropped Out...

When I decided forgo my last year of university, refuse full-time job opportunities at GoPro & Google after graduation, quit basketball, and leave everything people thought I was fucking insane.

My side of the story.

But no one acknowledged my perspective. Here's what I experienced. While at GoPro, everyone told me how amazing & successful I was. It was a nice gesture, but ultimately I hadn't done ANYTHING.

The future is indifferent to the past.

When I made the decision to leave it all, I felt liberated & relieved in the midst of criticism. Because the truth is the future is indifferent to prior accumulated hard work.

Take on even bigger challenges.

The future doesn't care about achievements in the past. The only way to get better is to take on even bigger challenges and prove yourself over & over & over again.

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