When I Dropped Out...

m23mclaughlinCommunity member
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When I Dropped Out...

When I decided forgo my last year of university, refuse full-time job opportunities at GoPro & Google after graduation, quit basketball, and leave everything people thought I was fucking insane.

My side of the story.

But no one acknowledged my perspective. Here's what I experienced. While at GoPro, everyone told me how amazing & successful I was. It was a nice gesture, but ultimately I hadn't done ANYTHING.

The future is indifferent to the past.

When I made the decision to leave it all, I felt liberated & relieved in the midst of criticism. Because the truth is the future is indifferent to prior accumulated hard work.

Take on even bigger challenges.

The future doesn't care about achievements in the past. The only way to get better is to take on even bigger challenges and prove yourself over & over & over again.

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2 years agoReply
@andrew sounds good, i appreciate the encouragement!

2 years agoReply
@lalgsw once I realize how short reall life is, I was inclined to action. Everyone says they will do something 'later on' but it never gets done. I'm serious about it, so I realized there had to be urgency in my decision-making.

2 years agoReply
@m23mclaughlin If you ever want to chat or build something great, let me know. I'm always happy to help another dropout :-) I hope your challenges get bigger and bigger! @lalgsw Many people that dropout don't think college is enjoyable. They think it's a prison.

2 years agoReply
@m23mclaughlin I've always been curious. Why the rush? You can start a company or lead an open-source movement, and do all of those things after you finish school right? Why not just enjoy the last years of college?

2 years agoReply
@sydney I don't have anything specific in mind. I think this is the best plan. I could end up starting a company, leading an open-source movement, being a hacker, or whatever. It doesn't really matter, just somewhere I enjoy and provide value.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
What's next for you? :) I know when other dropouts, @mrtampham @andrew @erikejf @hello @daniel, left school, they had something specific in mind. All very different journeys though! All really inspirational and exciting stories in their own right. Do you guys have any tips for Mitch, a recent drop out?