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14 is the in between year of new and uncomfortable realities


I'm young and new this world. When you hear adults talk their youth, you seem to hear about their high school or elementary experience. But middle school is always drifting in between.

Fourteen seems young when you talk about sixteen. It seems old when you're seven or ten. But for me, I am fourteen, and I have some thoughts.

This morning I was walking through the kitchen and realized I was eye level with our microwave. I was suddenly aware of how far my face was from the ground.

Now, I'm not actually tall- 5'3 probably. But my whole, short life, I've been the shortest one. For the longest time, I couldn't see over the kitchen the sink.

I wasn't allowed to use the microwave in case I accidentally dumped it on my head. But all of a sudden I'm as tall as my mom.

Besides the feeling of height, there are also the feelings of insecurities. Back is sixth grade, I didn't think my anxiety could get any worse, but boy was I wrong.

My anxiety expanded beyond social situations and onto my art and ability. My self confidence hit an all time low.

Likely the worst part of fourteen is the new teenage expectations. Suddenly everything you do is because you're a teenager now and not because you're an individual.

It's exhausting to hear the same thing over and over.

Like, questioning your sexuality is not a teenage thing, it's a life thing.

Not agreeing with everything your parents say isn't a teenage thing, it's a life thing. At least when you do get away with some stuff for the same reason.

In conclusion, fourteen is a weird year full of new and uncomfortable realities. But by the time I'm fifteen, I have a feeling I'll be grateful.

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