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I cant help but feel as if today is on the menu

Special for today

The name is Speciality’s and I cant help but feel as if today is on the menu

I cant help but feel connected to everyone in this cafe

Knowing that this morning on their way to work sitting in gruesome traffic

or maybe a side effect of a friendly walk on the right side of the concrete,

They chose here.

They had choices

and they chose here

It then makes me wonder how many of these people I’m supposed to know

Accidents are an excuse for others

Every minuscule thing,

To the wind dancing outside the see-through window where I see the bigger picture,

To the man to my left with the tailored to perfection suit who kills time with his iPhone and

With Current joys playing…

That’s exactly what this moment is and

I can’t help but feel theres a silver lining of possibility and of purpose

And maybe

Someone in here is part of mines

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