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I am sensitive

Galling gal

I am sensitive

Sensitive to light after a night of cigarettes and Hendrix

Sensitive to Dove’s sensitive body wash

Sensitive to romantic movies

And even more sensitive when Allie realized he wrote her 365 letters

I am sensitive to my senses

And sensitive about the realization

that my love is classified as annoying

to you

And to others

And to know that I would have killed to have felt one drop of love I’ve poured out

I would have slayed the demons inside me

Or allowed them to stay

Whatever you needed

Or wanted

Or desired

But to you

It's vexatious

They don’t want what I want

Or what I give and…

I get it

Or I dont

But I never thought my love was something similar to fire sirens at 3AM

Something similar to a liar who keeps lying when already caught

Something similar to Hulu commercials during Handmaid’s Tale

Something similar to lost wifi connection in the midst of a Facetime call with your niece

Something similar to someone eating those leftovers that you were looking forward to after a long day of dealing with shitty customers and no lunch break

Something similar to being left on read with no reply

Only a like

Just a like at most

Not even love

And that is what they want

But for me…

I cant stand to lose connection

I cant stand to waste time

I cant stand to be notified of others pain

I cant stand to leave your voice on read

and I cant stand the idea of making you feel unheard

Because being unheard is paralyzing

And downsizing

And dehumanizing

At least To me

And me? my love is left on read

I don’t want what they want

i can’t stand what they want

Yet they still give me

A gift of immobilization and quietude

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