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lysexperience individual and intuitive
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Where are we if not in this moment?

Anywhere but here

I watch those relentlessly

as i gaze upon their individuality

what waits for them off those exits?

and why do some fill the air with a melody of bother

an official notification of disturbance

an official clarification that they are needed else where

other than this exact moment

it's this exact moment

that we let concede

but all i need is belief

i need to believe that someone chasing the 4:38pm red line

is content to coexist in this instant

is content with the unknown

is content with no schedule

and is content with

no official notification &choses to consumes placidity

and understands there is no clarification for coincidences

i need to believe someone getting of the 4:38pm red line

will arrive to their destination with no disturbance

only naturalness & liberation

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