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When i take a sip of these tainted grapes

it’s like a time capsule drops right in front of me

and i’m like a kid in the candy store eager to enter

i jump in fearlessly

only to face my fears

only to face the reasons why i dont face my problems

instead of stopping i sip more and more

shaking the bottom of the bottle for one last drip

that drip is my hope

I enter a place that is similar to the screen referees go to

the screen of replay

is it a foul?

was their action foul?

in my case, they all should have gotten fouls

the type that suspend you for the rest of your career

injure me then we leave it up to the referees to decide the validity of my pain

he can come back into the game? you suggest i brush it off?

“ this is a game for growns up, Alyssa”

His actions are justified and he is back in the game

He scores a point and his family is filled with victory

and excitement

what happened to me is already forgotten

i dont feel the pain as much so i start to agree with the referees

this is repairable


but one day,

during a game

the referee got hurt

he wasnt playing the game, so it wasnt justified

when did i sign a contract to these rules?

and why when he broke them, i suffered?

i just wanted to follow the rules and i got hurt and punished

i wish i could feel like that kid in the candy store

instead i feel like the cashier who works there watching everyones happiness

so i go to the store and buy another bottle

these grapes arent tainted

i am

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