Wrong Love (#8)
Wrong Love (#8) sad stories

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Heartbreaking and nervous as he tries to explain how the party was cancelled. It ends up leaving you feeling extremely bad for The Voice.

Wrong Love (#8)

Hi, I guess. Um, something bad happened. I'm sorry. I failed to organize the party.

Sorry. I really am.

Author and I had a discussion, and we decided that...

~you can hear hesitation in his voice as he debates telling you the truth. Finally, he realizes it's no use to tell the truth; he's not ready to lose you. ~

AUTHOR'S NOTE BREAK: (always in a GIF)

First of all, I'd like to tell you about two new features, give a recap, and say how excited I am that you're still here! Let's start about the features.

First of all, I'm adding FEELINGS and things characters DO in between ~. Second of all, at the end of each story starting last story, there will be dialogue with Author that you happen to overhear, before he "disconnects".

Here's a recap.

In My Head (supposedly #2. I have a confession though, I messed up those numbers, it's supposed to be 3. Like if you noticed.) About his experience with love and emotions. Someday- he's debating with himself to pull you or push you toward him or away. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Three- well, idk what happened there. It died. Four- uh Five- Just Wow. He starts planning to have the party. Six- Plans. He starts planning with you. Seven- you learn it's been cancelled.

LaStlY, I'd like to thank everyone that has followed me or liked these stories! I actually plan to do a lot of these in one series, about a hundred is the goal, and then I'll create an entire story full of GIFs only. So, yes.


Well, that we couldn't have the party. Author said we couldn't have the story because he's so busy.

~ after you inquire if his story is alright, he blushes deeply. ~

Oh, yes, of course, don't get the wrong idea about Author. He's perfectly nice; just wants what's best for us all.

~ us all? you ask with a teasing smile. ~

Of course. I meant you, too. Anyway, since the book is safe, we'd better give it a name. Got any ideas..???

No? Ugh.

I'm sure we'll come up with something eventually, don't worry.

Hey, I think I've got it.

"Wrong Choice." No, that's too... weird. How about.. "Messy Love?" Nah.

"Fire and Ice?" Nah, too specific. Hey- I forgot to tell you the plotline!

Oh, whatever, it might be done by the tenth story.

~ in his mind, Ali thinks if you'll be there for the tenth story. Deciding you might not, he starts to try and convince you to be there. ~

By the tenth story, we'll have a lot of stuff done. That'll be awesome, won't it?

I- I forgot to celebrate this record. ~he blinks. ~

This should be amazing, right?

Are you enjoying this story so far? Ask the owl. Anyway, sorry for interrupting with this again. How do you like it so far? Is it annoying? Let me know in the comments and I'll change a bit.

I mean- it shouldn't be. It is. There's a lot on my mind right now. I'm sure you of all people understand, right?


Well, now that the party's cancelled, I'm unsure of what to do now.

Got any ideas?


I wish.

Author/Voice Dialogue

"Ali? Are you ready for lunch? I've been working on the new plans, and guess what?"


"I started The Secret University. You're working on Woods, correct?"

"U- uh, yeah?"

"Alright. And I'm working on TSU, aka The Secret University."

"Correct. So, what did you call me for?"

"Well, I uh, saw your conversation coming to an end, so I, uh, pulled you aside."

"Is something wrong?"

"Could you tell them my respected decision before you make me seem like a bad guy?"

"Maybe you are. You're practically crushing my dreams and trying to pretend like that's a nice thing to do."

"Crushing your dreams? You've had dreams with every one of these people."

"That doesn't mean they're not dreams, Author. As much as I respect you as a person and friend, you've crossed the line, and it almost hurts me inside from what you've done. So, yes, you're not acting kindly towards me, and I will not sugarcoat things to make you look better. Sorry, Author, but it's just not my game."

"I have done none of the sort. I'm just trying to help."

"Not to be rude or anything, but you're certainly not succeeding."

"I'm trying my best, Ali, so please shush."

"Fine. If all this was about was that stupid question, the answer is no."

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