Just Wow (#5)
Just Wow (#5) simplyunsimple stories

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Plan TO PLAN a fifth story celebration! Watch as he gets comfortable and cute around you, almost leaving his dark side behind.

Just Wow (#5)


Just wow.

FIVE whole stories, correct? I mean, unless you skipped through one. Or didn't see it.

Something like that.

To be honest, I'm scared now. First a different plot, and now my plot's turning.

This is different. And new. I'm not sure when I'll get my head full of everything that you'll stay for more than a little, but, well, I can hope, can't I?

I must say, I'm sort of glad you're back, though. So, what's been happening?

The other day, I met a girl with bouncy girls. I love those. And one with a little birthmark or dimple that wiggles when she talks. Ah, the life.

Anyway, guess what the curl girl, Melody, I think, said to me?

She said I was the most beautiful person she'd ever seen in my life. Of course, she might've been talking about the background color.

Girls and pink and purple. Wow.

Anyway, the girl with the thing on her cheek that wiggled when she spoke also told me something. I think she said she felt what I was going through. I'm pretty sure I asked her how.

She never got a chance to answer, because Author got mad and cut the conversation short, but it was still sort of strange. I'd seen that before; family problems, hurt, the usual. I wasn't sure anybody had ever said the stuff she said, though. She loved art.

Do you like art?

I think art's a decent sport. Or... hobby. Whatever it is. Soccer's a hobby and a sport. Writing can be considered a sport; but it's either a hobby or a full-time job. Am I confusing you? Cause I'm confusing myself.

Well, I'm glad you came back to see me again. The bouncy curls turned out to be annoying in the end, so I forgot about her and cheek girl easily.

Oh, another girl actually came the other day. Smooth and slightly curly, unbrushed hair. Young. No older and no younger than eleven or twelve. Brown, in a braid, the same color eyes. Beautiful blue clothes. Soft brown eyes, did I mention? And her sneakers were pink and white.

She played soccer, which I personally think is pretty cute. Soccer and adorable?

Anyway, I tried to please her, but she was pretty boring, and mostly didn't seem interested in me, either, so after a while the talk became dull. Either way, the Author called me in to check out a new story, and he had a meeting with his editor or something so I couldn't stay long.

I know it's kind of weird when I say this stuff. Think of it like I'm borrowing his phone, and he takes it back and hands it over when he's gone.

I hope that made sense?

Anyway, for the sixth story, we should definitely celebrate!!

But with what?

Definitely something special; you're the first person in ages that has been here this long.

OOH, I know! How about a gift exchange?

Gift exchange and... like, punch or something. Awesome!

But how will it be set up? And where? I'm not sure if I can handle this.

Oh, of course I know it's going to be fine. .... What's your name again?

Yeah, I'm just kidding, Yew. I mean, uh, Joes...if...lean...??? Ok, fine, I forgot.

But I can remember!

Is it... y/n?

Yes! I got it right!

Now, let's find a place for your party. Ooh, I wonder if streamers like, come with words already on them.

Am I getting too excited?

*deep sigh*

Okay, I've got this. Maybe we can just do the number 5? But by then, it might be the seventh. Oh, okay, fine.

The number 7, then.

Mmm, the Author's having lunch. It smells like chicken fingers. And he's planning a new story.

I think this one is called "Woods".

His niece got the idea for it and dared him to write it. Naturally, he'd be busy, but he didn't like Love Woods and threw that away.

So, I guess he's writing it now.

Anyway, I think I'd better go before he gets mad. Should I start numbering the stories? I think yes.

Well, anyway, I'd best get on Author's good side.

I'll see you after lunch!

(plus, those chicken fingers smell good)

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