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Cody and Cole are nervous about their first day of first grade. A brand new school with brand new people. Join them as they get up to fun adventures.

Cody and Cole

Chapter 1

Cody and Cole were seven-year-old identical twins. They were starting first grade at a brand new school in one week.

“I’m scared, Mommy,” said Cody.

“Me too,” Cole added. “What if the kids are mean to us because we’re new?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’ll be okay. I promise,” their mom assured them.

It was time to go back to school shopping. The twins needed new outfits and school supplies.

“I want a superman shirt!” Cole said. Cody added,

“I want SpongeBob stuff.” The twins both got what they had asked for. Cody got a SpongeBob backpack and lunchbox, and Cole got a Superman backpack and a Batman lunchbox.

They also got a lot of outfits.

At home, the boys were still nervous.

“Will people like us? Will the teacher be nice?” were the types of questions they were asking.

They had a hard time sleeping that night, thinking about their new school year.

Chapter 2

It was the big day. Cody and Cole had just packed their backpacks and were waiting for the bus with their mom. It was the twins’ first time riding a school bus.

Last year, their mom drove them to school.

Honk honk! The bus was here. Cody and Cole got on the bus and saw so many people. This was way different than sitting in a car.

“Whoa, there’s a lot of people here,” Cody said nervously. The bus driver told them to sit anywhere, so they picked a seat in the front. A third grader next to them said,

“Here come some more first grade babies, ha ha ha ha ha.” The boys were upset.

“Hey, we’re not babies!” said Cole,

“We know how to tie our shoes.”

The third grader replied, “I learned to do that when I learned to walk.”

The twins sat in silence the rest of the ride, and only talked to each other.

Soon, they were at school. They asked an adult where their classroom was. They walked down the hall to their classroom, but they found out that they were in different classes.

“No, I have to be with Cole! I need to!” But Cody was out of luck, he was in a different class. “Class,” The teacher said, ”Please give a warm welcome to our new student, Cody. Cody, I’m Mrs.

Aera.” Mrs. Aera pointed to Cody’s desk. Throughout the day, kids were really nice to him, but Cole had a different experience.

Chapter 3

“Students, I expect you to be very kind to our new friend here,” the teacher told the class, but they weren't kind.

They blew raspberry noises at him, didn't share their toys with him, and wouldn't help him if he needed it.

Then, after what seemed like years to Cole, it was lunchtime. At lunch, Cole found Cody and sat down next to him, but a teacher came over and said,

“Cole, you have to sit with your own class.”

(picture of a lunchroom, a teacher talking to Cole)

“B...b...b...but,” Cole stammered, “Noo!” Reluctantly, Cole moved to the other table.

Meanwhile, Cody had already made a friend. His name was Miguel. All through lunch, with his new SpongeBob lunchbox, Cody talked to Miguel and ate his lunch.

He didn't realize that on the other side of the cafeteria, his best friend and brother was lonely.

Chapter 4

Finally, it was time to go home. Cole was mad at Cody, but Cody was in a great mood.

“Mom,” he said, “I made a new friend today! His name is Miguel, and he's so cool!”

“That's wonderful, sweetie, but I've got some work to do, so why don't you go and play,” Mom replied. The boys hurried to their room, and Cole was still mad.

“At recess, you didn't play with me!” Cole whined.

“I was playing with Miguel!” Cody argued.

“But in kindergarten you always played with me!”

“But I have a friend now!”

“I'm your friend!” Cole stormed off, “You're the worst brother ever!” For the next couple days, the boys didn't talk to each other, and Mom noticed something was up.

The next afternoon, she sat down with them.

“What's been going on between you

two?” she asked. Cole answered first.

“On the first day of school, people were mean to me and Cody didn't play with me at recess.”

“Who did he play with?” Mom asked

after that.

“His dumb friend Miguel.”

“Hey, it's not polite to call people dumb.”

“Sorry, mom.”

“Okay, Cody, it's your turn.”

“Cole says I'm the worst brother ever!” Cody said.

“But don't you think you should've played with him at recess? You two have always played together.”

“I wanted to play with Miguel.”

“Do you think there's a way for all three of you to play?”

“Sure, I'll try.”

The next day, Cody took his mom’s advice and he and Cole were friends again. Cole was also now friends with Miguel too.

Chapter 5

It wasn’t all happiness and rainbows for the twins after that - things got worse. They had their first test, and even worse, Cody was being bullied.

It wasn’t that third grader from the bus, it was a kid in his class named Leah.

It all started when Cody was playing a game in the classroom. Leah came over and said,

“Cody Wody is such a baby waby.” Cody cried.

“Oh, Cody wody crying like a wittle baby. Ha ha.”

“Mrs. Aera!” Cody called out. Mrs. Aera rushed over.

“What’s wrong, Cody?” she asked. Cody pointed at Leah.

“She called me a baby!” Mrs. Aera looked disappointed.

“Leah,” she said, “do you need to sit in the timeout chair for a minute? Why don't you go ahead and take a break over there, we’l------l talk in a minute.

” Leah pouted and went to the timeout chair.

Leah's bullying was repetitive, because the next day, it happened again. Cody was hanging with Miguel at lunch and Leah came over to them. “Hi, Cody wody.

I don't know why Miguel is your friend, I would never ever be your friend.” Luckily, Miguel stuck up for Cody.

“I'm friends with him ‘cause he's a cool dude,” he said, “leave us alone.”

“Fine.” Leah marched off. After that, for the next few days, things were perfectly fine. The twins were continuing their days at their new school, and they had more friends.

Maybe a new school wasn‘t so bad after all.

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