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The tale of the orange tabby and the ginger man.


By Lynx

In the middle of the night, in a dark alleyway. There was a soft cry.

Poking it's head out of the box was a tiny orange kitten. Her fur was ruffled and she was cold but her mother was no where in sight.

It let out a cry, calling for its mother but again and again, it was unheard. Desperate for warmth, the tiny kitten pushed against the box and continued crying, in hopes that someone would hear it.

And its ears perked up at a voice, "Do you hear that?" "Hurry up." A second voice chimed, deeper than the first.

"Meow!" The kitten pushed against the box again, hope lighting up in its eyes as footsteps neared its location.

Blue eyes stared into another set of blue eyes as a ginger haired human male peeked into the box. The kitten meowed curiously.

"It's a kitten." Armitage Hux muttered, eyes glimmering at the sight of it. Slowly but surely, he picked up the fragile thing to show to his father. Brendol Hux was standing at the entrance of the alleyway when Armitage brought the kitten.

"Father, look what I found." The young Hux beamed, holding out the orange tabby.

"It's trash. Leave it." The older Hux growled, walking away soon afterwards.

Armitage stared at his father in disbelief and anger before placing the kitten on the ground. The kitten let out a curious meow and followed the young Hux who started walking out of the alley.

"No." Armitage stopped it instantly, "Stay here." "Meow!" The kitten protested, pawing at the child's boots. "I cannot take you with me." He muttered before kneeling down as the kitten took a seat, "Then again, I never did follow my father's orders."

"Meow?" The kitten purred when Armitage petted its tiny head.

"I think I'll sneak you on board." He smiled, picking up the kitten in his gloves again. "Prr." "What to call you?" He queried, looking at his surroundings for inspiration.

Just then, he got the idea. "Millicent." He tested before looking at the kitten and smiled. "That shall be your name." "Prr."

Walking out of the ruins of the base, Millicent looked at her new but familiar surroundings. She sneezed as the air was polluted with ashes before trudging forward to find her master.

After what seemed like hours, she finally found Armitage and approached.

But she soon finds out... He is gone.

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