Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 8)
Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 8) yoonmin stories

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the hardest thing is saying goodbye...

Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 8)

part 8: goodbye

(texting) Yoongs😊: Jiminie? Jimin where are you? Jimin your car is still in the driveway You can't have gone far I'm worried about you Minnie please

Minnie🌸: what

Yoongs😊: Jimin! Where are you?

Minnie🌸: out

Yoongs😊: Jimin please...

Minnie🌸: i went on a walk

Yoongs😊: This late at night?! Please come back...

Minnie🌸: no i wouldnt wanna interrupt you two

Yoongs😊: Who? Me and Hoseok?

Minnie🌸: yeah

Yoongs😊: Jimin I sent him away as soon as he tried to kiss me

Minnie🌸: looked like he succeeded to me

Yoongs😊: Jiminie... Look he's my ex

Minnie🌸: ex?

Yoongs😊: Yes Jimin I'm gay And apparently he still has feelings for me

Minnie🌸: yeah apparently

Yoongs😊: But I don't feel the same about him He cheated on me and I still haven't got over it I yelled at him when he kissed me and made him leave Then I noticed you were gone...

Yoongs😊: Jimin please come back I don't want something to happen to you You don't have to come back inside Just come so you can at least drive home

Minnie🌸: i dont know

Yoongs😊: Please...

Minnie🌸: why do you care so much

Yoongs😊: Because... Why do you care about me and Hoseok?

Minnie🌸: because... but hyung...you're really gay?

Yoongs😊: Yeah... But please don't think anything different of me I don't know what I would do if you left me

Minnie🌸: Hyung... I would never I'm gay too

Yoongs😊: Really?!

Minnie🌸: Yeah And the reason I care about you and Hoseok so much?

Yoongs😊: Yes?

Minnie🌸: It's because... I think I like you Like...more than a friend way

Yoongs😊: Jimin I

Minnie🌸: No it's okay Don't say anything I'll come get my car Then I'll go home and I won't come back I won't bother you anymore

Yoongs😊: Jimin wait

Minnie🌸: Yoongi hyung please Don't make this any harder I'm sorry I'm gonna turn off my phone Goodbye hyung

Yoongs😊: Jimin no! (message failed to send)

Yoongs😊: No! (message failed to send)

Yoongs😊: Minnie please... (message failed to send)

Yoongs😊: But I like you too... (message failed to send)

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