Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 6)
Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 6) yoonmin stories

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sometimes the best conversations are the random ones that happen at 4 in the morning, or in this case, at 3:42

Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 6)

part 6: 3:42 (ft. taekook)

Name: Jimin [edit contact] Name: Minnie🌸

Name: Yoongi Hyung [edit contact] Name: Yoongs😊

(texting) Minnie🌸: You're sure you don't want me to stay?

Yoongs😊: Jimin you literally just left

Minnie🌸: Well... Not really I'm still in your driveway

Yoongs😊: Jimin Go

Minnie🌸: You'll be alright?

Yoongs😊: Yes

Minnie🌸: You're sure?

Yoongs😊: I'm sure

Minnie🌸: Okay... Just text me if you need anything

Yoongs😊: I will

Minnie🌸: Okay...okay...

Yoongs😊: Minnie Go home I'll be fine

Minnie🌸: ...

Yoongs😊: Please? For me?

Minnie🌸: Ugh fineee For you...

Yoongs😊: Thank you Now gooo

Minnie🌸: Yeah yeah I'm going

Yoongs😊: Jimin I can still see your car in the driveway

Minnie🌸: Dang it...

Jimin POV:

I barged into Jungkook's room, swinging the door open, causing him to jump. "I KNEW IT!"

"H-hyung?" he put a hand on his chest feeling his racing heartbeat.

"I KNEW SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN!" I jumped on the bed to sit next to him.

He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. "Happen with what?"

"You and Taehyung! What else?!"

"Hyung we just went on a walk together," he mumbled, his face flushed pink.

I nodded with fake sincerity. "Oh yeah, just a walk." I counted each thing off with my fingers. "And some hand-holding, and a kiss, and-"

"W-what all did he tell you?" he said, cutting me off.


"Oh..." He looked down at his hands in his lap.

"So have you asked him out yet or what?"


"What?! Why not?!"

"I'm just...scared..."

"Jeon Jungkook. Scared? Well I never thought THIS day would come."

"I mean...what if he says no?" He bit his lip and twiddled his thumbs nervously.

"Did he kiss you back?"


"Then he won't."

He looked up at me. "You're sure?"

I smiled and put my hand on top of his. "Positive."

"Okay...then I will." He reached over to hug me. "Thank you hyung."

"Always Kook." I patted him on the back and we pulled apart. "Now go get your man!" I swatted him on the arm and he grinned before jumping up off the bed and running out of the room.

(texting) [3:42 am] Yoongs😊: minnie jimin jiminie jimin please please answer me

Minnie🌸: Hyung?

Yoongs😊: jimin please help me

Minnie🌸: Hyung what's wrong? Hyung? Hyung?! Yoongi hyung?! Please...

Yoongs😊: jimin i dont i cant

Minnie🌸: Shh Yoongi hyung calm down I'm here Talk to me

Yoongs😊: it just... it happens every night like clockwork i wake up at the same time because of the same nightmare

Minnie🌸: Nightmare?

Yoongs😊: but it was worse tonight i didnt know who else to come to im sorry

Minnie🌸: Hyung don't be sorry It's okay I'm here Do you want me to come over?

Yoongs😊: no i dont want you to see me like this... i'm sorry...

Minnie🌸: Hyung it's okay Stop apologizing What do you want me to do?

Yoongs😊: can you just stay here and talk to me?

Minnie🌸: Of course Do you want me to call you?

Yoongs😊: please

Yoongi POV:

(on the phone) Jimin: Yoongi hyung?

(i hear his voice and take a shaky breath) Yoongi: Jimin

J: Hey (there is silence for a moment) J: What do you need me to do hyung?

Y: Just...talk. Distract me. Anything.

J: Okay umm (there is another slight moment of silence) J: I don't know what to say. I'm bad at this. I'm sorry.

Y: No don't be sorry Minnie. I'm sorry I dragged you into this.

J: Hyung...

Y: I should just hang up

J: No! I wanna help you hyung.

(my finger hovers above the end call button. i take a deep breath and put the phone back to my ear.) Y: Okay...

J: Yay! Okay what do you want to talk about?

Y: Umm (i lay my head back against my pillows) Y:Tell me more about you Jiminie

J: Oh... (i swear i can hear the smile in his voice) J: Well what do you wanna know?

Y: I don't know uh what's your favorite color?

('what a lame question' i think but then i hear jimin giggle and it makes me smile) J: Yellow.

Y: Really? Me too.

J: Cute. (i smile to myself and feel my cheeks start to get warm) J: Hyung can we just play 20 questions? I wanna learn more about you too.

Y: Sure Minnie.

Jimin POV:

What started as 20 questions ended up being more like 50 questions.

I was sitting there thinking of question #53 when I heard little snores coming through the phone.

I checked the time and saw it was a little after 5.

"Yoongi hyung?" I whispered; but no response.

I smiled. "Goodnight hyung."

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