Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 16)
Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 16) yoonmin stories

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a double date :)

Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 16)

part 16: double date ft. taekook

(texting) Taehyungie🥰: Hey hyunggg

Jiminie Hyung😘: Yes Taeee

Taehyungie🥰: Sooo you've been talking about this AMAZING boyfriend of yours for quite some time now And I just wanna know WHEN DO I GET TO MEET HIM

Jiminie Hyung😘: Tae I don't knowww He's not much of a people person

Taehyungie🥰: What if he just comes over here? I'll cook and we can have like a double date!

Jiminie Hyung😘: Well if you're cooking definitely not

Taehyungie🥰: YAH!

Jiminie Hyung😘: Just kidding Kind of

Taehyungie🥰: Hyung come onnn I'm your best friend YOUR SOULMATE I just wanna make sure he's really as good as you say he is

Jiminie Hyung😘: Tell you what I'll ask him if you ask Jungkook to cook

Taehyungie🥰: ... FINE But you're mean

Jiminie Hyung😘: 🙃

Jimin POV:

Me and Yoongi were in the living room watching a movie when Taehyung texted me. I was sitting between his legs leaning back on his chest.

"Hey hyung?"


"Um Tae wants to know..." I trail off, getting nervous for some reason.

Yoongi can tell and pauses the movie to give me his full attention. He takes my hand gently. "Wants to know what?"

I smile slightly. "He wants to know when he can meet you. He's invited us over for dinner."

To my surprise, he nods. "When? Tonight?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Okay," he kisses my hand softly. "I'd love to meet your friends."

He pulls me closer to him and backhugs me. "And hey if they like you, then we already have something in common."

I blush lightly and lay my head on his chest. I quickly text Tae and he starts the movie again, playing with my fingers.

"Thank you hyung. I love you." I blush slightly harder. Even though we've gotten more comfortable saying it since that night, I'm still not completely used to it.

"I know. I mean how could you not." He laughs as I smack his arm. "I know baby. I love you too."


I pull up outside me, Tae, and Jungkook's apartment and park the car. I can tell Yoongi is nervous so I take his hand as we walk up to the front door.

"Don't worry hyung. Taehyung and Jungkook are both pretty laid back. And since they're dating it'll just be like a double date!"

He smiles at me. "As long as you're with me I'll be fine."

"You're so cheesy." I turn away from him to hide my pink cheeks.

He pulls me close to him and kisses my nose. "You know you love it."

"Yeah yeah. W-whatever." I pull away, flustered and he laughs as I unlock the door.

I let him in and close the door behind him. "Tae! Jungkook! We're here!"

Tae comes bounding up to us. "Hi! You must be Yoongi! I'm Taehyung!" They shake hands and Taehyung eyes him up and down. "Well Jiminie hyung you've got taste, I'll give you that. He's even cuter than you said he was."

I flush and go to hit Tae while Yoongi laughs.

We hear a yell from the kitchen and I grin as I hear Jungkook's voice. "Yah! Stop hitting on other guys TaeTae!"

Taehyung smiles and goes to the kitchen. "I'm not!"

"You called him cute! You don't call me cute!"

"Because you're hot. There's a difference."

Yoongi raises his eyebrows at me. "Well this should be interesting." I giggle and take his hand, leading him to the dining room.

---------------------------even later

Dinner ended forever ago. We've just been sitting here talking for like an hour now.

At one point, Yoongi went to the restroom and Tae leaned over and whispered, "I approve," in my ear.

Tae and Jungkook offered to do the dishes (well Tae offered and pulled a grumbling Jungkook along with him) so me and Yoongi were just sitting there.

I took Yoongi's hand and he looked up at me. "You wanna go on a walk?"

He smiles, "Sure."

I tell Taehyung and Jungkook where we're going and we leave.

Yoongi POV:

Jimin takes me to a park not to far from the apartment. He pushes past a few bushes and branches and leads me to a section out of view that's closed off by trees. There's a single stone bench in the clearing and we sit.

"This place is beautiful Chim."

"Chim? That's a new one."

I smile and take his hand. "But seriously, how did you find this place?"

"I wander around the park a lot and one day I just...found this. Since then, I've always just come here to think..."

I run my thumb down his hand, stroking it softly. "Think about what?"

"Just...stuff. You're the only person I've ever brought here though so appreciate it."

"Not even Taehyung? Wow I'm honored."

He smiles and lays his head on my shoulder. "Now all that's left is for me to meet your friends."

"Yeah, and me to meet your family." He suddenly frowns and lifts his head from my shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"Well, Tae and Jungkook basically are my family."

I turn to look at him. "What do you mean?"

"Well, um, after my mom uh-died." He swallowed and I comfortingly put a hand on his back, rubbing it lightly.

"Well my dad blamed me. He would beat me and my sister so we eventually ran away. We went to my grandmas and when my sister turned 18, she left, and I haven't seen her since.

I guess I've got my grandma but she lives in Busan so I haven't seen her in years. So Taehyung and Jungkook...they're all I have. The closest to family I've got..."

He was tearing up so I pulled him closer and kissed his temple. I pulled him into a hug and he softly cried into my shirt while I petted his hair.

"I'll be your family now." He pulled back only to lean forward again to kiss me softly.

"That's all I need."

OOH A REFERENCE TO THE TITLEEE anyways hi posting on wattpad :) just reminding plz love me there @_lynn_03_ :)

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