Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 13)
Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 13) yoonmin stories

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the funeral...

Yoonmin: All I Need (pt. 13)

part 13: finding happiness

Jimin POV:

Me and Yoongi walk into the hotel room and I turn on the light. He goes and sits on the bed, looking down at the ground.

He hasn't said a word since we landed.

I sigh and go to sit beside him. I take his hand in mine and play with his fingers.

"I miss her Jiminie..." he says without looking at me.

"I know you do hyung."

"I keep wanting to call her and tell her things...but I can't."

"You can tell her tomorrow."

"But she won't be there to listen. What's the point."

"Hyung she may not be there there, but I know wherever she is she's looking down at you and smiling."

"But how do you know that?" His voice cracks and I can tell he's holding back tears.

I use my free hand to grab his chin and make him look at me. I run my finger along his jaw comfortingly. "What's the last thing she said to you?"

He thought for a moment before answering. "Be happy okay? I love you."

I nodded. "And what did you say back?"

"I will. I love you too."

"So as long as you keep that promise hyung, she'll be happy. She'll be happy that you're happy. And she'll always love you. Nothing can take that away."

Yoongi put his hand over mine and smiled. He suddenly tackled me in a bear hug and we both fell backwards onto the bed.

He laid his head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his head lightly.

Can we just stay like this for a while?" He asked sheepishly.

"Of course hyung." I played with his hair and we stayed there until we both fell asleep.


I wake up and me and Yoongi are in the same position as last night. I smile and slightly shift from below him. He groans and rolls over.

But little did he know we were on the edge of the bed so he rolled off the side, falling off the bed.

He yelps and curses loudly. I peek my head over to see him rubbing his head.

"Are you okay hyung?"

"Do I look like it?" He groans again and stands up. "Well that was a rude wake-up call."

He flops back onto the bed on his stomach and I giggle lightly. "I'm gonna go shower hyung."

"Mm," he mumbled back. I smile and go to get ready.

Yoongi POV:

I hear Jimin come back in the room about 10 minutes later but I don't open my eyes.

I haven't moved from my spot.

I hear him giggle and lay down next to me. I feel him kiss my shoulder blade and I smile.

"Yoongi hyung."

"Hm?" I mumble, still not wanting to get up.

"Come on. You gotta get ready."

"I don't wanna. This bed is comfortable."

"Hyung come on."

He pokes me but I just shrink more into the bed. "But my head hurtsss."


With my eyes still closed I motion to a spot. I feel something soft press into the spot and I open my eyes to see Jimin kissing it. He grins and pulls back.


I smile. "Much. But my lips kinda hurt too."

"Mhm sure they do."

"You know, I fell on my butt. Why don't you kiss that?"

"Hyung!" He slaps my arm but I just chuckle.

"Fine, I'll get up. But only if you promise to kiss it later."

"Min Yoongi!" I look over at him and his face is bright red, which only causes me to smile more.

"I was just kidding Minnie." I lean over and kiss his cheek. "Or was I?" I wink at him before jumping up off the bed and running to the bathroom.

I get in the shower smiling slightly. I'm still sad about my mom, but Jimin made me feel slightly better.

I don't deserve him.

Once I'm done I dry off and change into my suit. I walk out of the bathroom to see Jimin sitting on his bed, typing on his phone.

I fully take in him and his suit and he looks up at me as I wolf whistle at him.

"That suit makes you look hotter than usual Jiminie." He blushes again and I laugh. "Come on Minnie. Let's go."

He stands up and walks over to me. I take his hand in mine and we walk out the door.

Jimin POV:

Me and Yoongi walk to the funeral home as it's not too far from our hotel. When we get there, Yoongi just stands outside, taking deep breaths.

"You okay hyung?"

He nods and grips my hand tighter. "Yeah. Let's go."

We walk inside, his hand still gripping mine tightly.

We walk in the room and Yoongi stops right inside the door, not being able to go any farther.

It's just visitation right now, only family and close friends, so at first no one notices us. Until a little boy starts walking towards us.

As he gets closer, I start to notice that he looks a lot like Yoongi. He stops in front of us. "Yoongi hyung?"

"Yoon-jae..." Yoongi lets go of my hand and hugs his little brother. I smile at them sadly before they break apart.

Yoon-jae looks at me. "Who's this?"

"Oh this is Jimin."

I wave kind of awkwardly. "Hi."

The corner of Yoon-jae's mouth tilts upward slightly. "Oh your friend. I talked to him on the phone."

"He's actually my boyfriend," Yoongi says nonchalantly. I scratch the back of my neck, embarrassed as Yoon-jae seems to eye me up.

"Well he was nice on the phone so I approve." His voice quivered and when I looked at him closer I could see tears in his eyes.

I spoke to him softly. "You don't have to hide it from me. You can let it out if you need to."

He let out a light sob and quickly dived to hug my waist. I hugged him back tightly and softly petted his head comfortingly.

He let go after a minute, sniffling slightly. "T-thank you." He looked at Yoongi. "Dad's over there." He wiped at his eyes before walking away.

Yoongi looked at me sheepishly. "You wanna go meet my dad?"

"Whatever you wanna do hyung." He gripped my hand again and we walked over towards his dad.

When we got over there Mr. Min's eyes locked on Yoongi and they softened. "Yoongi..."

"Dad." They hugged each other tightly. When they broke apart Mr. Min looked at me, eyebrows raised slightly.

"Dad this is Jimin. He's my boyfriend."

Mr. Min nodded and held out his hand. "Well it's nice to meet you Jimin. I'm only sorry they were under these circumstances." He smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry as well." I shook his hand and bowed deeply. "But it's nice to meet you too."

The rest of the visitation went the same way. Hugs, introductions, and a lot of sad smiles.


It was a little after noon and everyone was going to lunch and then coming back for the actual funeral at 2.

Yoon-jae was at the door, waiting for us. "Yoongi hyung? Jimin hyung? You coming?"

"Go ahead Yoon-jae, we'll be there in a minute," Yoongi said.

Yoon-jae nodded and left and Yoongi came up behind me and gave me a back hug. "Come meet my mom?"

"Of course hyung."

We walk up to the memorial and slip our shoes off before kneeling on the mat in front of it. We both bow for a minute before sitting up.

Yoongi grabs my hand and takes a deep breath before speaking.

"Hey eomma. I've wanted to tell you so much, but I never got the chance. First of all, this is my boyfriend, Jimin. I really wish you could meet him in person because he's an amazing guy...but you can't."

He begins to cry and I grip his hand tighter.

"I miss you eomma...so much. But Jimin helps me. He helped me realize that even though you're not here you can still listen."

"I remember the last thing I said to you was that I'd be happy...and with Jimin I-i can."

He's full on sobbing now, but I don't dare interrupt him. I know he needs this. This closure.

"I don't think I can fully be happy now that you're gone, but being with Jimin sure comes close."

He closes his eyes and bows one more time.

"I love you eomma..." he whispers.

He sits up and turns to me and I pull him into a tight hug. He cries into my chest and I just hold him, rubbing his back soothingly.

"Jimin..." He looks up at me, eyes puffy and red-rimmed. "I don't have my mom anymore, but at least I have you."

His tears resurface and I pull him into me again. "I'm not going anywhere hyung. I promise."

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