Everything I didn't say.
Everything I didn't say.

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Everything I didn't say.

Chapter one. ''New start.''

My hands started to shake as I picked up the light object. Tears started to form in my eyes and blur my sight, making me feel weak and pathetic. I have never liked cries. I have never approved cries.

But the disappointment felt even worse. I was only an eighteen year old senior in high school, still trying to figure out my life and what should I do in future.

Did I even have a future now?

I closed my eyes and opened them again after five minutes passed, hoping with all my heart that the two lines on it would change. I didn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it.

But the reality struck me hard.

''How could I have been so stupid?'' I sobbed out, carefully watching my reflection in the mirror.

I couldn't recognize the girl in front of me... She looked so fragile and weak, thin and worn out.

Her dark brown hair was messy and oily, because of all the time she spent in this hot bathroom. I'm pretty sure if she tried to run a hand through her hair, she would probably wince in pain, because of all the knocks on them.

The red baggy shirt that loosely hangs on her body, ended just above her thighs, was dirty with mascara that she tried to whip off her face.

The girl looked so different from the usual me. The air of confidence and authority that always accompanied me where ever I went, was suddenly vanished.

And for some reason, I was sure... that I will never feel it again.

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