It hurts to live
It hurts to live pain stories

lydonmaatoug I am a girl
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It hurts to live

Well all I feel is pain and I have no one to talk to...

whenever I open up no one understand and they all tells me it will be fine it will be okay but I don't see that, I don't see any good coming.

I just feel like no one is there to help me go through my pain . When you are alone it is more difficult to face.

Sometimes I feel like giving up I mean all the time all I think is to ended but then again I just can't like something is holding me .

I just miss the old me the happy me, I just want to be happy and fine again I want to feel pretty again but no ...

instead of feeling pretty when I look at the mirror I do not like what I see qnd people (friends) tell me I am beautiful but I know ..

they tell me this so they cheer me up and because they are my friends. No stranger will tell me I qm pretty not even a boy will. Because when I like a boy he don't like me back.

Another thing wich breaks me is my dad like he do not care how I feel..

I text him and he ignores me like I did something bad and yes,

yes I did the worse thing on earth I accepted him after all the pain he caused and I am the one to blame because he just did me wrong so many times and left so many times and instead

of loose all the contact I begged him to stay like an idiot.

I do not know why I want him in my life but it feels like I need him to be happy altough he left since the day I was born and came after 13 years I just told him ai love him lol what

an idiot I should hate him for what he did but I do not know how .

It just brings me dowm every day and mostly my step brothers which hates me for no reason and when ever they see me they just spit on the street for no reason and I feel so uncormftable .

Ummm I don't know why I feel this way but I just can't feel any other way. I miss him. Then there is the guy i love, the guy I did anything for , even if that meant breaking myself.

Yeah I did I just dealt with anything he caused and got through his problems but he left .. He left me for another girl and that's okaay because she makes him happy. Ugh lets face it .

Why am I living for.

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