What is beautiful?
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Take a second to stop and think.
What is beauty?
What makes a person beautiful?

What is beautiful?

by lydiaevans

What makes one beautiful?

The colour of their hair? The size of their body? The shape of their face?

Or is it the amount of makeup? Is it really the more the better? Is beautiful made in a lab? On a surgical table?

Or something more than that

The trees are beautiful

So is the sunset

The birds that sing when the sun rises

The clear pure water Untouched by man.

They are all beautiful

And the mountains and the animals and flowers and Nature

Nature is beautiful

So why are we changing our nature?

Why is our idea of 'beautiful' a small waist and big breasts

Why isn't it that our nature is not beautiful

But it is. We're just too blind. Not by our eyes. By our hearts. They are blind.

Character is what makes us beautiful.

Love is beautiful

Honesty is beautiful

Bravery is beautiful

Loyalty is beautiful

Courage is strength And strength is also beautiful.

So are our weaknesses

They make us human And that is how we are created




No person is perfect.

But that's okay.

Because imperfections...

...are what make us beautiful.

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