Phantom Pains
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I was the sun, He was the moon.

Phantom Pains

I was the sun,

He was the moon.

The scent of fear and intoxication clinging to his rosey cheeks as he mumbled his desires.

Too scared to show how fragile his heart had become.

Melodies cradled his every breath, innocence seeped into every touch whilst he moved along the boys shoulders.

His hands engulfed in the delicate curls that lay before him, his hand intertwined with his, finger to finger.

Vulnerable and weak he bared his thoughts, because this boy, his boy, was to precious to exempt from.

He craved this boy

and first light crept into the distance.

Whilst made up of inebriated lies and hopeless fairytales, his sonnet could no longer be heard.

Cigarettes immersed the halls and the fusion of music that echoed is the only noise besides the heart that laid before him.

Gazing into the horizon the boy was lost, alleviated his touch and with every farewell broke both their hearts

He became the sun

I became the moon.

Don’t you know shadows don’t thrive in the light

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