Love Always Fails
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The Bible says "love never fails" So if it fails...

Love Always Fails

The Bible says "love never fails"

So if it fails

It was never love.

I have found that to be untrue

Love fails all the time.

She fails and fails and fails

Again and again

He's late, always late

They forget to put the toilet seat down

Sometimes love smells like a long day.

There will be days when love feels like a sleepless night,

And sometimes love will forget your birthday.

Love is imperfect.

Love makes a mess

Love belches

Love says the wrong thing and trips over their words.

Love can be infuriating.

But love never gives up

Love always tries

Love always fails

And love always learns.

Love will make you coffee in the morning

And kiss your head.

Love will make you laugh so hard your belly aches

Love will cry with you.

Once in a while,

Love may buy you flowers

Or fold your clean laundry.

Love will burn dinner

But love will eat it anyway.

Love is patient, love is kind

But love is also stubborn and always right.

Love will trip and fall and scrape her knees

Then love will help you stand back up

Sometimes, when love is sleeping

They will steal the covers.

Sometimes when you are sleeping,

You will dream of love.

Love does not always last

As long as you would like,

In bed or in life.

Sometimes love needs a break.

Sometimes love will break your heart

And leave you feeling

Like you never knew love at all.

Then sometimes love will apologize

And mean it

And change

And love will remind you

Why you ever loved at all.

Love will take your broken heart

And put all the little pieces back together

Love will fill in the cracks with gold

And tell you it is still beautiful

Until you believe it is.

Love will never fail you.

But, Love always fails.

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