That moment when you accidentally kill The Chosen One™

That moment when you accidentally kill The Chosen One™   fiction stories

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A guard might have just accidentally killed The Chosen One because he kicked a chicken. But do you have proof? No.

That moment when you accidentally kill The Chosen One™

I looked down on The Chosen Ones corpse, maybe I had overreacted. Kicking an innocent chicken is truly despicable but not really a crime for the death penalty.

My eyes wandered to the chicken that sat a few meters on the side still looking distressed. Frankly The Chosen One had always been kind of an asshole.

Maybe I could make it look like the chicken killed… No, that would be ridiculous.

It is true that I once heard from a blond hero wearing green being killed by a group chicken after attacking one of them but that is just an amusing story that guards tell each other in

the tavern.

Sighting I took the body and threw it over one of my shoulders, maybe there was a magic spell or potion that could somehow save the situation.

Making my way down a lesser known road I realised the chicken, that put me into this situation, followed me.

With a heavy sigh I decided to just ignore it, I didn’t had the time nor the energy to put up with a chicken sidekick right now.

Arriving at a familiar small house in the middle of the woods I knocked on the door. “Who’s there?”, a grumpy voice asked through the door.

“It is I, destroyer of our all hopes and dreams, let me in, would you?” The door opened up and revealed the old beardless man who gave me a pained look.

“What did you do this time?”, he asked while examining the body on my shoulder. “Killing the ones who break the law is part of your job.

You do realise that, don’t you?” I exhaled through my nose and gave him a better look on the person I was carrying.

“Quite the handsome face and an expensive elegant armor, do I know this person? I think I have seen them before.

You sure had a good reason to kill someone who seemed to have financially good reasons why you should just ignore his wrongdoing.” He took a closer look and finally let me pass, so I could enter the small house.

“He kicked a chicken”, I answered as casual as possible. One look in the old man’s face with his disbelieved look and the closed eyes made it obvious he had trouble understanding the situation.

“Okay”, he said slowly as if he tried to reorganize his thoughts, “but you are still a guard and technically he was breaking the law I guess, as long as it wasn’t his own chicken?"

He looked at me with a distressed questioning look, I shook my head. It seemed like he was relieved.

“So technically this incident shouldn’t be a problem why do you bring this dead meat into my house?”

“He is The Chosen One.” Again he had a look of pure disbelief on his face.

“He is what?”

“The Chosen One.” I repeated willingly.

“Yes, I understood that the first time! I just couldn’t believe you doomed the world because he kicked a stupid chicken!

” He made his way to his larges table and just threw the papers lying on it on the ground. I placed the body on the now free table.

The old man looked at the clear stab wound that went right through his armor and aimed for the heart.

“Take off his armor I’ll see what I can do.” I did as ordered and freed The Chosen One from his armor till he was laying with a bare upper body on the table.

Muttering complainings the old man came back with his arms full of potions and herbs.

I thought I heard things like ‘Why does this guard have to be a goddamn mountain that can stab through an armor anyway?’ and ‘I swear to all the gods that if The Chosen One is still dead tomorrow morning he won’t be the only Swordsman that will go missing today.’ by the second sentence he gave me an angry glare.

I slightly raised my eyebrows as an answer.

It took the old man the whole night but in the end The Chosen One raised by his own power of the table and looked completely beaten.

“Wha- What happened?”, he asked looking around the small house and then fixating on the older man and myself. The older man gave me look that was supposed to challenge me.

I shrugged and explained that he was attacked by two thieves who attacked him insidiously from behind.

His faced showed confusement over the fact that he got beaten by two thieves but nonetheless he attended to bow in front of me and the old man to thank us for our help,

but his face turned snow white from the sudden pain and a simple nod had to be enough.

The old man, who seemed unhappy with my made up story, just turned around grumpily telling him not to move so much otherwise his wound would kill him for real.

Only I catched up the quiet ‘again’ he added while starting to clean up, I didn’t react to his gratitude.

Half an hour later The Chosen One had instructions on how to take care of his wound and he and I were ready to walk back to the city, in which I stabbed him yesterday.

When we left the house of the old man, he kept complaining and slammed the door behind us.

The Chosen One laughed it off and thanked me again for taking him to the old man in the first place, I shrugged it off.

When we left the forest we saw the Chicken that had been following me yesterday. We ignored it even though it was running around our legs.

After a while he seemed to be too annoyed by the bird and kicked it once again, the Chicken flew only a few meters.

Suddenly the face of the hero went pale again and he seemed to remember what happened yesterday, he turned around to me. I had my sword in my hand and a cold look in my eyes.

“You… you stabbed me… because of a chicken!”, he exclaimed. Attending to close the small distance between us, I went a few steps in his direction. His eyes widened and he stumbled backwards.

The old man would kill me but, frankly The Chosen One has always been kind of an asshole.

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