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Part 1/2
Story of an old witch and a her friend Kier.

An old witch (Part 1/2)

“It has been 394 years since we last saw each other, wasn’t it Marina?”, his slender figure crept around the corner. Her enchanted furniture seemed to collectively suffer from a heart attack.

“Who is there?”, asked her green armchair, it was well used, and the flower design was almost completely faded, finally.

It was a deep brown almost black cat who had walked in the middle of the room, he stared at her. She sat in the armchair wearing a black robe and had a blue blanket around her shoulders.

With her old pointed witch hat, she looked ridiculous in this time and age, but it hid her face just fine.

It didn’t matter, he didn’t have to see her face to recognize her magic power that filled the old apartment.

He sat down where he stood and faced her head front, she didn’t even raise her head to look at him.

Disappointed that she didn’t seem surprised to see him he lied his tail carefully around his legs.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”, an old lamp that looked like it hasn’t been dusted in forever hissed at him. Giving it a bored look, he gave the whole room a quick glance.

Marina hadn’t kept up with the time, all her furniture seemed at least 50 years old.

“Answer me, cat!”, if it physically could he was sure it would have spitted on him, but since it had neither a mouth nor a face it was just an angrily shaking lampshade.

“Are you letting your furniture now talk for you, Marina? Is that how far we have come?”, his voice was full of mockery. A lot more furniture now started to at least tremble angrily, he laughed.

“Don’t waste the breath you don’t have.”, his cocky voice filled the room and so did his immense magical power.

Even if he were a cat he could still crush every single one of them with a little tilt of his head. Now starting to get a little frustrated he came back on his paws.

“Marina, I can’t believe your manners got this bad. You won’t even talk to me.”, slowly and stalking towards the green armchair his moves became more animalistic.

Not being able to hold back any longer the vacuum cleaner, who was probably the newest item in the whole flat, rushed in front of her. Stopping him at once.

“Stay away from her!”, he could almost feel the missing face of it clenching in fear. A grin stole itself on his lips, as good as a cat could smile that is.

“Vacuum cleaner! Stay away from him! Can’t you feel the magic leaking out of his body? This must be the man she told us about, Kier.”, her kettle said with a warning tone in its voice.

The vacuum cleaner started shaking heavily but stood its ground, “I … I won’t let him … close to her.” Its voice was trembling and if it could it would have probably fainted out of panic.

Kier laughed.

“Get out of the way dust sucker.”, he said while slightly hitting it with one of his paws. It winced hard and let out a little shrieking sound, none the less it kept on barricading his way.

“Marina, what is this? You put me into this form, don’t treat me like an animal.”, anger grew in his voice and the vacuum cleaner started shaking more heavily, while standing its ground.

However, this time when his paw hit it softly it flew across the room and let out a horrified scream.

Swaggering towards her he let his magical power flow out of his body even more and oppressed everything with a non-existing but still overwhelming pressure.

“Marina, talk to me. I deserve - ”, his voice cut off midsentence when he finally got to see her face, that wasn’t Marina. Not the one he knew.

It was an old lady, wrinkled face, long grey hair and closed eyes. Her kettle, that stood on the table next to the armchair, spoke up while he was still at a loss of words.

“She hasn’t talked in a few years; her eyes are closed since a few months too. We don’t know what to do…”, its voice dripped with grief and helplessness.

The vacuum cleaner that had got back up again now pressed itself again between him and the armchair.

This time it said with a stronger, still shaking but determined voice: “I won’t let you through.”

Still shocked from what he has seen he stumbled a few steps back, how was this possible? Marina was a more powerful witch than he was a wizard, how did she get old?

Was it her conscious decision? No, it couldn’t be not after what happened in America… Suddenly the kettle rattled its way to the edge of the table.

“He would be perfect! He could be the one!”, it whispered excited. Still a little overwhelmed Kier laid his ears flat on his head and his whiskers on his face.

With a lowered tail he stepped multiple steps back. The vacuum cleaner seemed to join in the excitement. And the kettle and the vacuum cleaner started singing: "He is the one! The perfect ...

!” Excitement filled the room, the other silent furniture agitatedly started shaking.

“Stop it! What are you talking about?!” He finally hissed at them, the silent furniture stopped shaking as rapidly as it had begun.

Both the kettle and the vacuum cleaner jumped up and made themselves as small as possible.“We can feel your magical power leaking. You are a powerful wizard, Kier. She told us about you.

You could bring her back to us.”, whispered the kettle still having a shaking voice from excitement.

“Not like this I can’t! I need my human form back and for that she has to give it back to me.”, he growled.

Leaving his ears flat on his head and having his tail swish behind him he cautiously made his way to Marina.

Not daring to look at her old face again he strayed around her legs not being sure what to do.

“Hehehee, Kier it took you quite a while to come here.”, hearing her amused little giggling he jumped up and away from her in a scare.

The whole room suddenly fell silent, the vrooming of the vacuum cleaner and the cluttering inside the cupboard stopped. The attention from all living and non-living things was directed at her.

“Marina…”, Kier started talking in a hushed voice, but out of nothing, all her furniture started becoming livelier. They all rattled and shook and started talking at the same time.

The kettle and its tea cup were jumping in circles on the table, most of them asked her how she was and told her not to overdo it.

The vacuum cleaner started cleaning the carpet in a haste not wanting her to see how dusty the flat has gotten since she closed her eyes.

All of that was going on around him and he himself stood in the middle of the room, ears flat on his head and a swishing tail. He couldn't believe what happened to her, how could she be so old?

"Now, now... Settle down everyone.

You're going to scare the cat, hehehee", her joyful giggle even though now much older was still so much like her old self that he couldn't resist but to look annoyed at her.

"Marina, turn me back into a human!", his voice, still sounding as young as a man in his late 20s, was demanding and he no longer looked like an overwhelmed kitten.

“How dare you talk to her in that tone of voice, you pesky little rug?!”, the lamp, now with new found life energy, started cursing him out.

With a dramatic swift he turned his head towards the lamp, purposely aggressive and provoking he walked towards it, holding his tail high.

“What did you just call me, you antic piece of trash?

”, before he and the lamp, that now tried to find out just how far it could go without unplugging itself, could start a real fight they both heard Marinas carefree giggling.

“You’re still the same, Kier. Still very concerned for your looks. Hehehee, and what a pretty little kitten you are.”, her joyful voice filled the room with warmness.

All her furniture that seemed completely thrilled just a few seconds ago now seemed calm and at peace now that she had come back, now that she was back with them.

He was infatuated by that laugh, 412years ago and even now.

This laugh that captured him that completely had him under control back them, hearing its sweet sound again he couldn’t help but remember her cheerful smile from back then.

They only had 19 years together, a split second for some witches and wizards.

For him it was his first 19 years of immortality and he had the luck of meeting her, she who was already over a hundred years old but still looked like 25.

She who never lost the love for the moment even with immortality at her fingers.

“Marina, what happened? I … I don’t understand, why would you let yourself grow old? You are still as powerful as you were back then, you could still live for more centuries to come.”, his hushed questions created a tension because behind them were a pressure he couldn’t describe.

The pressure of a hope he hadn’t let himself feel for so long, a hope he thought was long dead.

Slowly she now raised her head, with her incredible, breath-taking purple eyes, that distinguish her as witch.

All the wrinkles on her face were invisible for him, if those sparkling eyes were there he couldn’t look anywhere else anyway.

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