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Part 2/2 please read part 1 first!

A story about a witch and her friend Kier.

An old witch (Part 2/2)

Slowly she now raised her head, with her incredible, breath-taking purple eyes, that distinguish her as witch.

All the wrinkles on her face were invisible for him, if those sparkling eyes were there he couldn’t look anywhere else anyway.

“Do you remember what we promised each other, 396 years ago?”, she asked with an unshaken voice that lost some of its intoxicating flair.

Her warm smile, that immediately calmed down the whole room, grew a little colder. The sparkle in her eyes remained but it didn’t exist for him anymore.

“Of course I do, but Marina I”, he stopped talking when her brows raised slightly, “Of course I do, we promised to grow old together.

” He could see the kettle out of the corner of his eyes noticeably twitch, if it weren’t for the tablecloth it would have made a revolting noise.

Lowering his head, he avoided looking in her face.

Those eyes that used to sparkle for him were now still full of sparkle but not a different kind, a sparkle that told of a pain that was once felt.

“Hehehee, exactly and I kept my promise and grew old, didn’t I?

”, she giggled again, it sounded full of warmth, joy and like a kid that pulled a good prank but to him, he that had known her so long ago, it sounded hollow and strained.

Raising his head, laying his ears on his head and looking in her eyes even as a cat his pained look was human.

“I am so sorry for what happened back then, I know I can’t make up for it… But Marina, I thought you execrated me, after what happened?

” Slowly she tilted her head to the left side, her hat sat perfectly on her dirty-grey hair which was still short and ended just above her shoulders.

So much about her still made her look young, like that incredible laugh that just embraces the moment.

“I did but … execrating you and … stop loving you, aren’t the same thing.”, she explained slowly and very consciously.

Then her smile grew back on her face, his ears turned down sideways, “I wanted to stop loving you, yes, but old hearts have a tough time to change, as you surely know, hehehee.

” He pressed his body on the floor and kept a close eye on her, laying his tail close to his body. Her eyes sparkled again as if the sorrow that was in them just a few seconds ago never existed.

“Marina, I tried to find you for so long. The first one hundred years I was looking for forgiveness, I wanted your mercy.

After some time, I hadn’t seen you in a hundred years Marina, I just wanted my body back. I would have never dreamed of you keeping your promise.

”, he said narrowing his eyes and locking on the floor in front of him. He couldn’t hear a reaction from her but some of her furniture quivered of excitement.

Crawling a little closer towards her he slowly lifted his head. A cute little grandma smile graced her weary face, her eyes seemed to know so much more.

He looked like a young cat and he would look like a young man once he got his body back but, in this instant, he really felt so young again.

Like a 27-year-old who thought he had it all figured out but then with one little incident he was swept of the floor and realised that he still knew nothing.

“Please”, he plead with a sudden urge, that made her smile even broader, “make me human again.” Desperateness, a better word wouldn’t come to his mind to describe his situation.

“Please make me human again so I can control my powers, so that I can give you your youth back again. So, you can grow old once again.

” Her chuckle threw him off track, he wanted to give her the life back that they both lost after their quarrel.

“Oh, don’t be silly Kier, I could go back to the way I was any time I wanted, hehehee”, her small laugh sounded tired and exhausted,

after all the time she hadn’t spoken or moved this conversation was starting to become too much for her. “Making yourself young is easy, growing old is the hard part.

It took me 412 years to grow old and I don’t have the patience of my younger years anymore.”

“Marina, please… I beg of you.”, he wanted to see the woman that he lost 412 years ago again, seeing her like this scared him.

Slowly he approached her, the furniture followed him with eyes that simply weren’t there. Shortly before he reached her armchair the vacuum cleaner stood in front of him once again.

“Damon, don’t worry you can let him through.”, she said and with a sleight movement of her hand the vacuum cleaner moved a few meters to the side.

Kier wile the last meter towards her and sat down next to her legs.

“You don’t have to worry, Kier. You won’t have to wait much longer to regain your human form.”, with another swift motion of her hand he floated up and on her lab.

Slowly raising her trembling hand, she petted him, dehumanized him.

“Marina, what are you saying?”, painfully she had pierced his heart, did this mean that she would…? No, she simply couldn’t not after he just found her.

But her worn out, dry chuckle implied that he was right. Feeling the pain raising in his chest he curled up in her lab and banned his human side out of his mind.

With a crouched body and tucked tail, he lifted his gaze up to her. With half-closed eyes, downcast ears and a blank expression me stared into her eyes. Those purple eyes.

“Hehehee, what a good kitty.”, her hand was trembling more and more and became slower fast. After a few minutes she stopped petting him completely.

He could hear her breath how it got heavier and slower. He closed his eyes, denying his mind make sense of what was happening. Only when he got lifted off her lap and stood in front of her.

Still wearing the old clothes from back then, looking completely ridiculous in this time and age. His head hung low and his tears that were on his fur just seconds ago had vanished.

He stood by her side a few more seconds before turning around. This time no invisible eyes followed him, all the life in the flat had vanished.

Marina slowly turned to dust and he just couldn’t bare to watch her purple eyes turn grey and her peaceful face falling apart. With a few quick steps he was out of the room.

A quick swish with his hand and he wore a black suit that fit in the century and he could go outside in a world without her. A world that wouldn’t miss her, it was just him who remembered her.

Going through his hair with his hand out side of her apartment building, he couldn’t believe he had his body back.

He couldn’t believe that it didn’t matter if it was a cat body or a human one, the pain in his chest was still numbing.

Shaking his head, he waved for a taxi, growing old was something he wasn’t ready for yet.

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