"She-Devil" Song Produced @vkpoetry and @emmett
"She-Devil" Song Produced @vkpoetry and @emmett stories
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Double Arthur

"She-Devil" Song Produced @vkpoetry and @emmett

My friends/family started this hate, They destroyed this mind. Not me. I didn't volunteer. I was forced into this situation. I can't choose​ My Fate.

They hold my life in their hands as if I am a book.

Family and friends can be taken but almost every rapper took them up. So we can but with plot,​ no one ever heard...

My love is like a gun with limited ammo. I can shoot, but I got to think wisely.

Flip it from Earth down to hell, back on the surface, to heaven, Turns out I sinned! OPPS! Back to Hell I go.

Like you signed a deal with the devil(her) by giving your heart and marking wit​h a kiss. And sending visions to you to haunt you.

Greeting cards feel​​ like bats, all those teddy bears grin in an evil way

Greeting Cards turning into Sorry For Your Lose Cards. Teddy Bears with Bat wings fly towards me. Grinning like they're here for my soul. I scream. They smile even more. Now it's dark.

I'm afraid. I'm so scared I'm crying.

It's getting to intense, I can bearly​ breathe. It's growing darker. Now I see my breath. I know she's near now. I'm more scared of her than the dark. But she brings me back my light.

She's gone. All my warmth turning to cold. That love breath is trynna make me freeze. Her one stare turned those flowers dead with their roots rising tangling me in them.

I Look into her eyes and I see my fate. The one that I chose. But It's all distorted. Not at all right.

And I thought it will be bright with her. Never thought it was a promise of death from her. My teddies to her sing grave songs to me. Bed sheets they fly like ghosts to chase me.

I try to duck under the bed. They still follow me. Like bees and wasps,​ the flowers sting me. I'm afraid. I thought she was my friend. I thought She would let me live. I guess not.

This love now jolt. Shaking me with fear. Now her laugh sounds so eerie that once used to be so deary. She cross rooms without touching the​ ​ ground that’s burning down breaking up.

I fall through the floor. Falling to hell. Her territory. Where she can end me with a snap of her fingers. But yet, she plays with me a little longer.

As if she was a child playing with her food. I'm still falling. She picks me up when I fall then pushes me back down.

It’s like a bungee jump to my end. I see it close but my feet ohh she clutch them so bold with her hairs. Those silk now chains those clink.

Like a puppet she used me made me do all good from her bad mind. And now it’s her fun. To see me count my breathings. My prayers to end it all they are songs to her.

I try to ease my mind from my fear of death. I try to erase my mind of her and it's over. She's there. But an angel. She's back to "Normal" and I take a sigh of relief.

She smiles and embraces me. Crushing my body with all her might. I want to disappear, but she won't let me

Ohh there she, a devil with a ​halo. Her love is heaven to me and her emptiness my fate. She the sole ruler of my being and her love is the bait. I run away but found her wherever I hide.

She follows me even when I just hide in my mind. Her love is like honey to a fly. Tastes good but it traps me.

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