Its Getting Really Dark
Its Getting Really Dark nothing stories
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I'm ready. Open your wings. Take my life.

Its Getting Really Dark

I'm ready. Open your wings. Take my life. I need something new. So. Please? Don't make me human again. I don't need a life filled with Drama, Hatred, and Love. Love isn't even real.

It's just something Humans made up to make themselves feel better. Not me. They use Love as a Fuel for Hatred. I was an Angel. Then you came around. Opened the walls of my Heart and Mind.

You placed yourself right in between​​ the walls. Made my mind think of you. Made my heart race when we touched. Now I Feel cold on this metal floor. The floor you left me on.

Left me to Bleed out. I'm glad that I can't feel anything. I think I'll just take my heart out. It can't control me anymore. You can't get into my mind.

You can't touch me without freezing. I'm too cold now. You did this to me. That cold shoulder you gave me. Made me cold. Made me Disappear. That child you loved? Yeah. She's gone.

You killed her. With all of your Perfections. All of what you wanted me to be. What you tried. With all of them tests? Yeah. I burnt them before you could see them.

You can't touch them now. I destroyed them like you destroyed me.

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