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Don't ask, I got into one of my Rambling Rapper modes.

I wish...

Someone Had Told ME That YOU were the one for ME I had to figure it out the hard way.

That you need to be in snow If I go into snow, I get sick. Way to easily, but I don't care.

I know you love me, And I know you know that I love you We love each other

And I love it. ^^ We were meant to be

I don't care what others will think They can think all they want But there's nothing they can say that will hurt me

For if you are with me, Then I'm protected by your love Which is okay by me

You're my Queen I want to be your King But that's all up to you

Thank you for actually caring for me Even before we got together You were taking care of me, making sure I was okay,

Making sure I didn't do anything stupid. I don't do stupid things that often, But when I do, you put me back into check

Even when I didn't want bandages on my hand Even though, it wouldn't have bothered me I messed with it so you would touch me

I didn't think you were into me, Not until Halloween, when I made you mine When I didn't want someone else to take you from me

Being 16 hours away is killer, And I know that I want to meet you. I'm just not sure if you want to see me.

I'm not sure it you want to see someone who you met online, Saying that I love you. These are the reasons why I don't really want to meet you.

I don't want you to see me. Because I don't want you to be disappointed with the fact that, I'm fat. The fact that I look like a Jiggly Puff

I'm always in trouble. I'm always freezing but don't get sick I don't want you to get hurt over what I do. I'm not strong enough to realize that you need someone better than me.

We're meant to be But sometimes, I find myself punching a wall, trying to let go of my anger. Just to have it explode in my face. My fate has been sealed, I know what I'm going to do, when I'm going to do it, and how to do it.

I just don't want to hurt you. And when you tell me about your insecurities I just want to help you. And I'm afraid, that if I tell you my insecurities that you'll leave me. And I know it would be my fault.

I'm sorry

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