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Human School

1st Block? American History? Well, let's go. *walks in, sits down, puts in earbuds, Plays music* "Alright class! Get your notes out. We're going to do 9.3 Notes.

" *Mental Sigh, let's just get this over with* "BLAH, BLAH, BLAHTY, BLAH."

2nd Block? Orchestra? WOOHOO, LET'S GO!!! *walks in, grabs instrument, put my music on my stand, puts instrument in playing position, and start tuning* "Seems like you're doing it right.

" Said Andy. *looks up* "Hmmm? What'd you say Bitch?" *Andy: Surprised* "I complimented you. Geez, calm down. Before your fucked up "Powers" get you in trouble." "Go away Andy.

" "How can I when I'm your partner?" "Since when?" "Since now." "Doubtful. I'm always by myself. So, fuck off.

" *waves hand in dismiss* *Andy: Shakes head with a smile* "I still love you, you know?" "Yea, I know. But I don't. So, go away." *Andy: Tears up* "If you're going to be like that, then no.

I'm going to sit right here." *Andy: Points at the chair right beside me*"Alright, try to sit down then." " Alright then.

" *When Andy sits down, I push the chair off the risers* *Andy: uses own powers to stay on the risers*"Go away, Andy! Do you seriously think I want you to stay right beside me?

Do you really think I want to speak with you? Right after you didn't believe me? Even though you know I wouldn't do that! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

" "Would you prefer me to keep saying I'm sorry and Baby come back? Do you want me to just drop dead? Do you want me to be by myself too? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?

" " YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE KNOW HOW INSANE I AM!" * walks out of class, with tears in my eyes* "I AM SO FUCKING DONE WITH MY DAMN LIFE!"

*Andy: follows me outside*"Bitch wait!" *stops and slowly turns around. Andy: crying. I'm crying blood.

My eyes are changing colours**whispers*"What did you just call me?" "I called you a Bitch." *I twitch twice. I'm back to normal. I passed out.

Andy comes and catches me before I fall* "Why do you do this to yourself?" *ever so quietly* "Because I still love you." *My hair grows Black. Face Pale. Opens eyes Just to see Blood Red eyes*

^*Demonic Voice* You look delicious. I wonder why she dropped you? Do you know why she did it? *sighs* "Yes, I do. I thought she was cheating on me.

I didn't believe her when she said she didn't. I broke her. I woke you up. I made her hate people. I made her hate me. I made her Love you."*Tears up* Oh, poor child.

You did nothing but just wake me. All you did was dump her because of your 'friends'. The ones you chose to believe over her. That you still believe. You're just what made me stronger.

You see, I feed on her feelings. It was sadness and anger that made me wake* "Oh. I still don't understand.

Why her body? What makes her and her sister so special?" *Oh, you think her sister has what I am? No. I am the last of my kin. That is​ her sister, is a different kind of monster.

I am closely related to it, because of my Step-Father*"Yes, I understand that.

But what is her sister? What is your Step-Father? How did you even happen? Did you fly into her body? How did you get in her?" *Oh, poor human. I am not Natural. I am evil. I don’t fly.

If I did, I wouldn’t be real, now would I? I was created by pure evil magic. I was summoned by someone who wanted 2 magical daughters.

When their father left, we turned back to our natural ways. My ‘little sister’ was always nice. Always the favorite. I got tired of it. So, if you have a serious question. Ask it.

Nothing super dumb like you. *“Well, when you put it that way. I guess that’s true. But, I met their Father.

What did you mean ‘their father wanted “magical” daughters’? I don’t understand that.” *We--*”*Bell Rings*

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