Dear brother,
Dear brother, separation stories

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Dear brother,

I know you're not on this. But I need to get out of my system. I need to tell you how much I miss you. Tell you how much I need you home. How much we all need you home.

Beth and Mom are fighting again. She slit her wrist so bad that she needed surgery. Slit her pinkie tenden in half. It's been really bad here. There's fights almost every night.

I don't want you to be away for much longer. The year and a half that already went by, felt like forever. Please tell me... Do you miss us too?

Do you still miss us? Did you miss us? What about your "wife"? She's not that much of a wife now a days. Always cheating on you.

I don't like this separation between us. You're in Tokyo. And I'm still in this Derpy town of El Dorado.

I miss you big brother. Please come home this Christmas?

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