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I am sorry but Teenagers younger than 13 should not read this.

Back Story

You're probably wondering who "he" is, aren't you? Well, along time ago, I met someone. And this someone, well, he was the only one who loved me for me. We were only 10 at the time.

We lasted till Sophomore year. His "friends" kept telling him that I sent them "nudes." No matter how many times I told him that I didn't, he wouldn't believe me.

He would say "They have proof that you did! It was on SnapChat!" Even when I told him that I don't have SnapChat, he still wouldn't believe me. So I handed him my phone, to look through.

While he was scrolling through my phone, he looked more and more relieved. He asked me for my Media sign in stuff. And I gave it to him.

I told him, "Even tho I have them, I don't get on them." He still didn't believe me. The next night, we both apologized to each other. Then the night got a little heated.

We went to bed early that night (If you know what I mean. *Wink, Wink*). The year later, it repeated. I broke my phone, and I didn't know how to take pictures on my PC. So it wasn't me.

I also deleted all my Social Media. He still thinks I'm cheating.

My Life got harder and harder to deal with after he left. He's now overseas. Saving African Children. I love him. So many people still call me a Hoe, Bitch, Skank, and Slut. But really. I'm not.

His name is Andy. And I love him.

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