A hundred pairs of eyes

A hundred pairs of eyes

lunii16 Community member
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Fear, Control and people who think it‘s okay to tell you how you have to live.

A hundred pairs of eyes

A hundred pairs of eyes, I feel them, every time.

While walking, while talking, while sleeping, while eating.

They are there, a hundret pairs.

What should I do, I can‘t stop this feeling, I can‘t quit, I can‘t go,

They don‘t even know their meanings, to me. Anytime, anywhere they are there. A hundred pairs

Nobody understands the fear, the control they take over me, right now, right here.

I have to leave, to set me free but they know they took the oppotunity from me.

If I go, they would wate for me to come by. Anytime. Anywhere.

A hundred pairs.

They take the chance to live my life, They take the need to be myself, They won‘t stop, i know, No matter where I‘ll go, they are there. A hundred pairs.

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