The Two Kings
The Two Kings  scary stories

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Two Kings die together and a Priest makes a confession.

The Two Kings

The Queen of the East took to the chapel domed room. The soldiers on her flanks spread out as she made her way to the temples center. Her long, beautiful mourning gown trailing behind her like all that had stood in her way.

From a second great door came the Empress of the East Lands, her entourage twice the size but half as formal. The two leaders met eyes; silence enveloped the space.

Their husbands, King Eorl of the West and The Eastern Emperor lay dead in magnificent coffins at the center of the chamber. They had killed one another in the great Battle of Yesteryear.

Looking upon her beloved King, the Queen whispered to the priest then turned a final ferocious eye to the Empress before departing to the Prayer Hall.

The Empress went to her husband, donned in gorgeous red robes. No no no..she thought..this is all wrong. Blue, the Emperor is supposed to be dressed in blue. “Priest” she added, “repair your mistakes or be imprisoned.”

With that she too turned from the funeral parlor.

The priest looked at the King in blue robes and the Emperor in red. The Queen had also noticed the mix up, whispering as such to him moments earlier. He had dressed the two kings in one another’s burial robes!

On the following morning, the Priest sat with his minister during the grand funeral of the two epic Leaders. “Father, I heard what happened yesterday. Dressing a corpse is never easy. Must’ve been such a hassle to redress them” said the minister as they waved at the procession passing.

The Priest kept smiling, waving and never turning to the minister. “I just swapped their heads” he said with a chuckle as the funeral parade passed and made its way to the cemetery.

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