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A babysitter begins to receive strange texts while watching two boys one dark holiday night.

The Text

Kimmie waved goodbye to the Wilsons once more as the red convertible pulled out of the driveway. Red convertible, how original.

As she closed the door, one of the Wilson boys ran past dressed as a superhero; complete with towel cape, rain boots and tighty whiteys. It was 7 year old Brennan, the more rambunctious of the two. Brace was likely somewhere reading or drawing already.

Another night of babysitting.


As she walked into the living room, a text rang her phone. The ringtone was Jingle Bells for the holidays. Normally one would tire of Jingle Bells playing every time someone sent a text, but Kimmie didn’t have enough friends for that to matter.

The number was one she didn’t recognize, certainly not one she had saved. Not that there were many of those either. She slid her phone open and read the message.

“On the way.”

Kimmie searched her phone history and then her memory, but couldn’t place the number. Maybe one of the Wilson’s got a new phone and forgot to update her.

Brennan and Brace flopped down on the couch, begging for food and a movie. Jingle Bells again. Brennan said he loved that song and the two began to sing loudly.

“Don’t worry, I already ordered pizza. See you soon.”

Okay, it had to be one of the Wilson’s, but why were they coming back already?

Sure enough, before the kids could decide on a movie there was a quick knock at the door. Kimmie took to the door, met by a smiling young face...and pizza.

She tried to pay, but it was already taken care of. She stood in the doorway for a moment, then made her way back to Brennan and Brace. They were more than happy to dive right into the pizza without a care in the world.

Jingle Bells

“Won’t be long now. Enjoy.”

Kimmie decided to call Mr. Wilson.

They had reached the Theatre. He hadn’t bought any pizza and everything was fine. Maybe his wife did, he had to go.

Kimmie slowly sat down on the couch, taking a slice of pepperoni and briefly getting lost in the film with Brennan and Brace.

Jingle Bells


Kimmie shot up, racing to the front door and peering out. Nothing. The street outside was calm and quiet.

Jingle Bells again.

“I’m inside. Where are you?”

Kimmie had had enough, she decided to call the strange number.

The line was busy. She tried again. Busy. She sent a text.

Jingle Bells began upstairs.

She sent a second text.

Jingle Bells a second time.

Staring in horror at the stairs, She heard the holiday tune again. This time from her own phone.

“I’ll come down. Stay right there.”

Mr and Mrs Wilson returned home to an empty house. The smell of pizza danced about the room to the tune of Jingle Bells left playing on repeat.

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