The Prison
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A prisoner waits for food. And forgets. He remembers something, but what?

The Prison

The prisoner circled the cell one more time. He had gone the route so many times now that he almost didn’t even notice he was doing it. Hungry. Waiting. It’s all he ever did.


Wait. Starve.

Wait. Starve. Forget.

He tried to remember, but all he could recall was the taste of food. Oh how he waited, moving, circling round and round as if his feet were the slate grey thoughts of his mind. The prisoner looked up at the small light above.

He thought about escape. He thought about freedom. He tried not to think of pain.

He forgets what he wants to remember and remembers all that he wishes to forget.

There is no escape.

There will never be.

A body born to explore, now destined to rot. To circle. To wait for food and nothing else.

It was torture.


The prisoner circled again, trying desperately to recall where he was or why he felt so sad. Who was he? Where is this place?

He felt happy for a moment as he heard footsteps. It was the master. The overlord. The god of all that could never be seen. The prisoner smiled, trying to remember why he was happy.

He circled the prison again, finally able to make out the Master approaching. The imprisoner, the slave driver, the one conducting this forgetful dance of pain and boredom and starvation. A part of the prisoner wanted to die, but it slipped away as master approached.

There would be food, and for a time, respite from the forgetful world all around. The prisoner scrambled from his place and rushed forward for food. Up and up. He wasn’t sure if it was starvation of the fear of nothingness, but a great force pulled him upward.

He must live. Please the master. Forgetting. Feeding. He will never remember. He will embrace his prison.


Up. Up.

Up. Up. Master calls.

The goldfish swam to the top of the bowl as Timmy dropped a few flakes in. “I wonder what he does all day in there.” “I hear they have 10 second memories, so every few moments is a wonderful new experience for them” his mother replied.

The goldfish forgets.

But the prisoner within could never.

END- Dedicated to those who forget the pain and cannot remember to fear their masters.

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