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I fall, almost like drifting into sleep,

The Fall

I fall,

almost like drifting into sleep,

but somehow different.

In this state of non-sleep,

I still see through my eyes,

and yet it feels as though I am far away from what I see,

as though I am watching a screen from a distance,

the distance ever increasing with each passing moment.

I fall,

further and further,

weightless and alone.

I see nothing around me,

the television screen of my eyes,

too far now to see.

There is only an empty void,

inky blackness all around,

I do not even see my own body, this real?

I fall,

feeling in equal measure fear,

and hopeless defeat,

as well as a cold comfort that I can't quite understand.

All that I am seems so far away,

I have left all that ever was,

and all that ever will be,

far behind.

I fall,

leaving all of my worries,

accepting this new state of being,

this nothingness,

it soothes me.

It feels as though I have been falling for a decade,

this is my home,

peaceful and alone.

I rise,

feeling a sudden hot rush,

through the body I forgot that I had.

I am thrust at such tremendous speed,

up and up,

much faster than I fell.

I no longer feel weightless,

I feel the weight on every point of my body,

contact against my back,

like a giant hand lifting me from my endless slumber.

The fear that had left is now very real once more,

what is to become of me?

As I rapidly ascend I see streams of light,

something that seems so alien,

yet familiar to me.

I can once again see through my eyes,

I can once again feel the weight of the world,

and I find myself missing the emptiness of the void.

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