Perfect while it lasted...
Perfect while it lasted... shortstorybash17 stories

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after all, perfect was nice while it lasted...

Perfect while it lasted...

by LUNAthick 🌙

I remember descending down the stairs of your two story home. I remember seeing you cook breakfast, humming to yourself, happy and content.

I remember approaching you, ever so silent. I wrapped my arms around your bare torso and peppered your shoulder with light kisses.

you turned around with an amused smile gracing your features. you were happy to see me wearing your shirt. pulling me against your chiseled chest, you whispered sweet nothings in my ear

I felt so loved as you nuzzled your head in my neck, as you cupped my face and gave me a sweet, slow kiss that sent tingles racing through my veins and rendering my knees weak.

you hugged me so tight, I felt warm and loved all over. I squeezed just as tight to try and return the favor. I held on to you for dear life.

and as you repeatedly whispered "I love you" while caressing my locks, I couldn't help but marvel at the pureness of our moment, locked in each other's embrace without a single care in the world.

I sighed in contentment and basked in the perfection of the memories we continue to make. and I thought to myself, ' perfect was nice while it lasted'.

and then I woke up.

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