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Never again...

Never again

by LUNAthick 🌙

Sun - according to Merriam Webster, it is the star that the Earth moves around and that gives the Earth heat and light.

in a way, you were my Sun and I was the Earth

my whole life revolved around you...

everything you liked, I liked

every song you listened to, I memorized

every artist you loved, I loved too

I became a shadow of who I used to be everything that made me, me, faded away

I became a shell of who I am yet I did not mind

I wanted to please you, and I did.

at least, that's what you led me to believe.

I didn't know why you left but you did

without a trace, without a second thought. without hesitation, without any guilt.

you crushed me. you obliterated, destroyed and shattered every piece of me

for months I struggled to find myself again. for months I tried to gain back your love, your affection

until one day I became numb empty stuck in a dark oblivion of realization

that no matter what I do I will never be good enough It was all your fault

that wasn't love that was torture and it was then that I decided

never again.

never again will I give myself away

never again will I give anyone leverage against me

never again will I be destroyed

and if that was love,

never again will I fall

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