Lazy Day
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to take a break away from the usual routine...

Lazy Day

by LUNAthick 🌙

(inhales deeply) (exhales) it's that time of the week again...

my most awaited day... my lazy day

when the alarm clock doesn't wake you up with its incessant wailing when you can wake up as late as you want

when you don't rush to bathe and you don't have to make an effort to pick what to wear

when you can stay in your sweats all day and read your favorite book

preferably with a large, steaming, cup of coffee and your favorite meal

it's that time of the week where you can lean back and enjoy the view outside your home and calmly sip on your articulately made coffee without having to worry about anything else

so yes, it's that day of the week again... my lazy day

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