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it had always been your choice.


by LUNAthick 🌙

"mejor sola que mal acompañada" it is better to be alone than to be in bad company

you have the choice to make or break your life, your body, your soul, yourself.

and more often than not, the crowds of aimless souls that surround you tend to influence your decisions. don't blame them.

it was your choice to take the risk.

it was your choice to light that cigarette, it was your choice to keep smoking. it was your choice to stop yet you kept going.

it was your choice to drink. it was your choice to gamble.

to gamble with death, to gamble with consequences.

it was your choice and you kept going. you didn't make an effort to stop because you didn't really want to.

and everyone tried to stop you but they can't because you couldn't be stopped. because you chose to be a self destructive hurricane underneath your layers of skin.

yes it was your choice to be in that hospital bed slowly withering away. you knew the consequences but you didn't care.

you didn't care because it wasn't there and now it has made it's presence painfully known and you can't ignore it any longer as you agonizingly rip away from the world and your conscious.

and you die a painful regretful death.

but you can make a choice. right now.

to stop while it's still early to stop before it has begun.

you can but you don't know if you will, if you could, if you should because deep down you don't really want to.

you can choose to stop now before it's too late, before it has started, before you become imprisoned within four white walls and antiseptic air.

you can, you should, you would but you couldn't. no, not yet. not until you waste away will you stop, or maybe you won't.

you can stop all of it before it happens.

after all, it's your life.

it's your choice.

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