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A mom is...

by LUNAthick 🌙

A mom is....

someone who brought you upon the world. someone who cares for you.

someone who laughs with you somone who comforts you when you cry.

someone who teaches you the first things you know, and encourages you to learn more and do better in school.

someone who had no choice but deal with your incessant crying and wails for attention when you were a child. and someone who still deals with you after having been long past that stage.

she's someone who lets you see your worth because she sure as heck didn't do labor for hours just so her offspring would feel unloved or unappreciated.

she deals with your careless attitude that's oblivious to things like how much more she suffers than you do but she still loves you anyway.

ah love.... the only reason she can do all of those things.

A mom is full of love.

though I'm not sure if she's proud of the things I do, and the decisions I make, I know she loves me anyway.

and for that I am eternally grateful.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy 💝 -love, me.

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