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lunasol Heyo
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To you. it's off track but you will understand.

Wake up

by lunasol

"Wake up and smell the coffee" and see the dream fade.

See the destruction you caused

Not just to yourself but the lives of others

You can't turn back the clock what you did was permanent

You can beg and plea for forgiveness realizing the light

"I'm sorry" is all that leaves her blood stained lips.

"I give up on you, Goodbye" He says with no remorse

That night that I lied to you about love remember

That kiss, we made breaking glass sound beautiful.

It felt so real the way our lips synced with our hearts.

You say it was nothing just another kiss. I felt emotions,

Pure bliss. I know I am much to late when I awoke.

It was too late but I wont dare to turn back time.

But I can hope that our strings intertwine once more

Then end with our final breaths

You are a clock and a moon. I want you and only you.

I love you, you stupid clock.

I'm done chasing you,I'll be here if you are ever to want me

Sincerely Luna Sol

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